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Day 5 Results

A big thank-you to Vogue Optical and the Department of Health & Wellness for their continued support of this event and to the Town of Stratford for hosting!

Stick Curling

Open Division
E Stavert/V Fisher 10 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3
B Craswell/Stratton 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 5
Keefe/Doiron 4 tied M Crawell/P Field 4
M Craswell/P Field 6 defeated B Craswell/Stratton 4
Chowan/Leard 4 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 2
Keefe/Doiron 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 4
E Stavert/V Fisher 5 defeated Chowan/Leard 2
Gill/MacKinnon 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3

Gold- Chowan/Leard 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 1
Bronze- M Craswell/P Field 6 defeat B Craswell/Stratton 5

GOLD- Vernon Chowan & Grant Leard
SILVER- Joe Gill & Archie MacKinnon
BRONZE- Myrna Craswell & Paul Field

Women’s Divison
Hughes/Reid 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3
R Stavert/K Fisher 5 defeated Hughes/Reid 4

Gold- R Stavert/K Fisher 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Karen Fisher
SILVER- Bernie Field & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Elaine Hughes & Etta Reid

Bowling- Singles

55+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Randy Diamond

65+ Women’s Division POA
GOLD- Joan Enman
SILVER- Bonnie Fitzgerald
BRONZE- Glynne Squires

65+ Women’s Divison Scratch
GOLD- Glenna Harper
SILVER- Anne Palmer
BRONZE- Evelyn Jenkins

65+ Men’s Division POA
GOLD- Robert Hill
SILVER- Tilman Gallant

65+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Mickey Palmer
SILVER- Alfie Wakelin
BRONZE- Lorne Stevenson

75+ Women’s Division POA
GOLD- Rowena Brown
SILVER- Eileen Gallant
BRONZE- Bernetta Murphy

75+ Women’s Divison Scratch
GOLD- Gladys King
SILVER- Norma Morrissey
BRONZE- Fay Mayhew

75+ Men’s Division POA
GOLD- Keir Ford
SILVER- Foch McNally
BRONZE- Fred Jenkins

75+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Bill Blanchard
SILVER- Hector MacDonald
BRONZE- Wilfred King

Duplicate Bridge

GOLD- Joyce MacLellan & Darlene Doyle
SILVER- Maria Bernard & Linda MacLean
BRONZE- John Whalen & Ernie Gallant


Mixed Division
GOLD- Valerie Olscamp & Paul Olscamp
SILVER- Margie O’Connor & Paul Deveau
BRONZE- Elaine Doucette & Kenny Peters