Lawn Bowling Results

Due to facility restrictions, the lawn bowling event for the Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games were held on June 19 & 20 at the Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club. Results were:

Ladies 70+
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton & Norma Morrissey
SILVER- Carolyn Crokett & Jeanette Fraser

Ladies 55+
GOLD- Myrna Craswell & Diane Lidstone
SILVER- Ruth Stavert & Gloria Clarke
BRONZE- Mary McKenna & Pat Blackett

Men’s 70+
GOLD- Foch McNally & Don Simeone
SILVER- Grant Crockett & Grant Laird
BRONZE- Mel Arsenault & Ernie Stavert

Men’s 55+
GOLD- Barry Craswell & Sterling Stratton

Mixed 70+
GOLD- Grant Laird & Myrna Sanderson
SILVER- Foch McNally & Treva McNally
BRONZE- Grant Crockett & Carolyn Crockett

Mixed 55+
GOLD- Bill Knox & Poppy Humphrey
SILVER- Barry Craswell & Myrna Craswell
BRONZE- Don Simeone & Bonnie Fitzgerald

All other events will take place September 11-15. Registration forms will be available in mid-July. The Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games are being hosted by the Rural Municipality of North Shore.

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55+ Lawn Bowling- qualifier

The Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club is hosting  a 55+ lawn bowling event on June 19 & 20.

This event will serve as a qualifier for those wishing to attend the Canada 55+ Games in August and is part of this year’s 55+ Summer Games which will be hosted September 10-14 by the Community of North Shore.

Please use this form to register for this event: Lawn Bowling Registration Form

The $5 administrative fee for this event also serves as the fee for the 55+ Summer Games. It only needs to be paid once. Participants who are registering for further event in September will need to fill out another registration form (when it’s available) but will not need to pay the fee again.

This event is being held separately from the main event as the Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club is hosting the Atlantic Bowls competition in September.

Competitive lawn bowlers set to compete at Provincial ...

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2018 Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games

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Day 6 Results

The 2018 Vogue Optical 55+ Winter Games wrapped up on Saturday!

8 Ball Pool

55+ Division
GOLD- David Stewart
SILVER- William Gauthier
BRONZE- Robert Smith

70+ Division
GOLD- Cecil Shea
SILVER- Westie Rose & Rupert Stewart
BRONZE- Wanson Hemphill

Thank-you to all of our sponsors:

  • Vogue Optical
  • Department of Health & Wellness
  • Murphy’s Pharmacies
  • Parkdale Sherwood Lions
  • Provincial Credit Union
  • Quartermaster Marine

Another thank-you to everyone who donated door prizes:

  • Stratford Tim Horton’s
  • Phinley’s Diner
  • Stratford Sobeys
  • Winston Maund Photography
  • Mayflower Senior’s Group
  • Bernadette Flowers
  • Target Tours
  • Stratford Subway
  • Cornwall Quick Stop
  • Happy Potter
  • Pet Valu
  • Sheri Atkinson- Stewart Travel Group

And to the Stratford & Area Lions Club for providing the lunches during Games week!

More photos will be posted soon!

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Day 5 Results

A big thank-you to Vogue Optical and the Department of Health & Wellness for their continued support of this event and to the Town of Stratford for hosting!

Stick Curling

Open Division
E Stavert/V Fisher 10 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3
B Craswell/Stratton 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 5
Keefe/Doiron 4 tied M Crawell/P Field 4
M Craswell/P Field 6 defeated B Craswell/Stratton 4
Chowan/Leard 4 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 2
Keefe/Doiron 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 4
E Stavert/V Fisher 5 defeated Chowan/Leard 2
Gill/MacKinnon 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3

Gold- Chowan/Leard 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 1
Bronze- M Craswell/P Field 6 defeat B Craswell/Stratton 5

GOLD- Vernon Chowan & Grant Leard
SILVER- Joe Gill & Archie MacKinnon
BRONZE- Myrna Craswell & Paul Field

Women’s Divison
Hughes/Reid 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3
R Stavert/K Fisher 5 defeated Hughes/Reid 4

Gold- R Stavert/K Fisher 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Karen Fisher
SILVER- Bernie Field & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Elaine Hughes & Etta Reid

Bowling- Singles

55+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Randy Diamond

65+ Women’s Division POA
GOLD- Joan Enman
SILVER- Bonnie Fitzgerald
BRONZE- Glynne Squires

65+ Women’s Divison Scratch
GOLD- Glenna Harper
SILVER- Anne Palmer
BRONZE- Evelyn Jenkins

65+ Men’s Division POA
GOLD- Robert Hill
SILVER- Tilman Gallant

65+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Mickey Palmer
SILVER- Alfie Wakelin
BRONZE- Lorne Stevenson

75+ Women’s Division POA
GOLD- Rowena Brown
SILVER- Eileen Gallant
BRONZE- Bernetta Murphy

75+ Women’s Divison Scratch
GOLD- Gladys King
SILVER- Norma Morrissey
BRONZE- Fay Mayhew

75+ Men’s Division POA
GOLD- Keir Ford
SILVER- Foch McNally
BRONZE- Fred Jenkins

75+ Men’s Division Scratch
GOLD- Bill Blanchard
SILVER- Hector MacDonald
BRONZE- Wilfred King

Duplicate Bridge

GOLD- Joyce MacLellan & Darlene Doyle
SILVER- Maria Bernard & Linda MacLean
BRONZE- John Whalen & Ernie Gallant


Mixed Division
GOLD- Valerie Olscamp & Paul Olscamp
SILVER- Margie O’Connor & Paul Deveau
BRONZE- Elaine Doucette & Kenny Peters

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Day 4 Results

A big thank-you to Vogue Optical and the Department of Health & Wellness for their continued support of this event and to the Town of Stratford for hosting! Over 250 seniors participated in events today!


GOLD- Sheila Coffin & Kevin Coffin
SILVER- Ron Yeo & Dave Yeo
BRONZE- Joyce Dixon & Marlene Blaxland

Auction 45

GOLD- Brenda Davey & Gordon Crozier
SILVER- Christie Easter & Isabel Watts
BRONZE- Robert & Velda MacLeod

Bowling- Team

75+ Division
GOLD- Hector MacDonald, Joyce Thompson, Dean Ravenhill, Rowena Brown, Maurice St. Jules
SILVER- Marg Wigginton, Wendell Mill, Fay Mayhew, Foch McNally, Norma Morrissey

65+ Division
GOLD- John Rowe, Alfie Wakelin, Joan Green, Moe Wood, Wally McInnis
SILVER- Ali Dykens, Lennie VanDuinkerken, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Eric Kelly, Margaret Drake
BRONZE- Tony Broderick, Judy Broderick, Harold Tremere, Winston Tremere, Freda Gorman

55+ Division
GOLD- Judy Arnold, Pearl MacEachern, Majorie MacDonald, Ethel McLeod, Carol Connick

Stick Curling

Open Division
Craswell/Field 8 defeated E Stavert/V Fisher 1
Chowan/Leard 7 defeated Sutherland McIntyre 2
B Crawell/Stratton 5 defeated Keefe/Doiron 2
Gill/MacKinnon 9 defeated Keefe/Doiron 1
Chowan/Leard 5 defeated M Crawell/P Field 4
Sutherland/McIntyre 4 tied B Crawell/Stratton 4
Gill/MacKinnon 6 defeated E Stavert/V Fisher 3
M Craswell/P Field 5 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3
Chowan/Leard 7 defeated B Craswell/Stratton 2
E Stavert/V Fisher 6 defeated Keefe/Doiron 3
Gill/MacKinnon 4 defeated M Craswell/P Field 2
B Craswell/Stratton 5 defeated E Stavert/V Fisher 4
Chowan/Leard 5 defeated Keefe/Doiron 1

Women’s Division
R Stavert/K Fisher 5 tied Hughes/Reid
B Field/Crockett 6 tied R Stavert/K Fisher 6
B Field/Crockett 6 defeated Hughes/Reid 5
B Field/Crockett 6 defeated R Stavert/K Fisher 5

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Day 3 Results

A big thank-you to Vogue Optical and the Department of Health & Wellness for their continued support of this event and to the Town of Stratford for hosting!

Day 3 Results:

Contract Bridge

GOLD- Doreen Rowe & Dagny Rossignol
SILVER- Harry Kielly & Myrna Kielly
BRONZE- Marlene McGowan & Letty Abbott


GOLD- Wilfred Smith
SILVER- George Doughart
BRONZE- Grant Laird

GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Heidi Hitzelberger
BRONZE- Gloria Matheson

GOLD- Heidi Hitzelberger & Richard Hitzelberger
SILVER- Wilfred Smith & Lawson Lea
BRONZE- Richard Myers & Don Steeves


Mixed/Women’s Division
Ebbett 6 tied Bishop 6
Chowan 5 defeated Clarke 3
Craswell 8 defeated Durant 3
Fisher 8 defeated Chowan 1

Gold- Clarke 7 defeated Craswell 5
Bronze- Ebbett 5 defeated Bishop 1

GOLD- Gloria Clarke, Elaine Hughes, Etta Reid, Carlene Peters
SILVER- Barry Craswell, Myrna Craswell, Roy Coffin, Myrna Sanderson
BRONZE- Shelley Ebbett, Bryon Sutcliffe, Wayne Arsenault, Claire Rogers

Men’s Division
McNeil 5 defeated MacDonald 2
Matheson 6 defeated Davis 0
Hope 8 defeated Dunsford 0
Matheson 5 defeated McNeil 3
Gaudin 6 defeated Davis 3

Gold- Hope 6 defeated Matheson 4
Bronze- MacDonald 8 defeated McNeil 0

GOLD- Bill Hope, David Murphy, Peter Murdoch, Phillip McInnis,
SILVER- Paul Matheson, Jim Evans, Douglas Waugh, Ralph Yeo
BRONZE- Peter MacDonald, David Hughes, Rick Sentner, Rollin Andrew


65+ Men’s Division
Summerside 1 v  Charlottetown 5

GOLD- Charlottetown
SILVER- Summerside

70+ Men’s Division
Charlottetown 1 v Summerside 0

GOLD- Charlottetown
SILVER- Summerside
BRONZE- Kings County


Women’s Division
GOLD- Kathleen Angelini & Marilyn Mutch MacRae
SILVER- Cherry Wakeham & Peggy MacKinnon
BRONZE- Kathy Gotell & Pat Powers

Men’s Division
GOLD- Andrew Gallant & Paul Cheverie
SILVER- Paul Marchbank & Nelson MacKinnon
BRONZE- Kenny Peter & Shane MacClure


Men’s 55+ Division
GOLD- Ron Green & David Wall (tied)
BRONZE- Doug Ferguson & Scott MacDonald (tied)

Men’s 70+ Division
GOLD- Barry Bevan
SILVER- Preston Smith
BRONZE- Louis Gauthier

Women’s 55+ Divison
GOLD- Cathy Trainor
SILVER- Lorraine Gauthier & Michelle Shepherd (tied)
BRONZE- Lorraine Wight

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