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Some more photos from the recent 2016 Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games

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Day 5 Results

Pickleball- Mixed

GOLD- Judy Squires & Bennett Tremere
SILVER- Anne-Marie Leroux & Willard Moase
BRONZE-Kenny Peters & Sherri Gallant


GOLD- Kings County Misfits
SILVER- Covehead CeeBees

The 2016 Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games are now complete. A big thank-you to our Title sponsor Vogue Optical for their continued support. We could not operate without them. Also thanks to our other valued partners: the Government of PEI- Department of Health & Wellness, Belvedere Funeral Home, Credit Unions of PEI, Red Shores, and Vesey Seeds. Also thank-you to the Town of Montague and all the volunteers who devoted their time and energy to hosting our event!

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Day 4 Results


GOLD- Mary DeCourcey & Betty Gay
SILVER- Theresa Hudson & Marg MacDonald
BRONZE- Blair Crozier & Diane Crozier


GOLD- Michelle Holmstrom
SILVER- Geraldine McConnon
BRONZE- Joan Philpott

5 Pin Bowling- Singles

55+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Johnston

65+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Ali Dykens
SILVER- Ernie Arnold
BRONZE- Connie Hill

65+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Judy Chaisson
SILVER- Joanne Trotter
BRONZE- Glenna Harper

65+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Robert Hill
SILVER- Robert Cumming

65+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Cyril Harper
SILVER- Lorne Stevenson

75+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Alice Chandler

75+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Norma Morrissey
BRONZE- Margaret Drake

75+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Lennie VanDuinkerken

Washer Toss

GOLD- Barry Gass & Andy Gass
SILVER- Doug MacEachern & Boyd Anderson
BRONZE- Everett Gauthier & Everett White


GOLD- Fred Vaerewyck & Doris Herring
SILVER- Ruth Stavert & Ralph Billard
BRONZE- Elaine Hughes & Gloria Clark

Auction 45

GOLD- Keir Jones & Jean Kneabone
SILVER- Shirley Hennessey & Patsy Lidstone
BRONZE- Charlie Easter & Annie Boyle

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Day 3 Results


Men’s Division
GOLD- Dan McCarthy
SILVER- Micheal Dumas

Women’s Division
GOLD- Joan Dumas
SILVER- Marjorie Matthews
BRONZE- Vicki Weldin


GOLD- Nadine Moffatt & Christine Darlington
SILVER- Kier Jones & Lowell Watts
BRONZE- Margie Cameron & Glen Cameron

5 Pin Bowling

65+ Team
GOLD- Connie Hill, Robert Hill, Jim McNally, Janet Miller, Ron Fraser
SILVER- Ali Dykens, Robert Cumming, Lennie VanDuinkerken, Margaret Drake, Eric Kelly
BRONZE- Glynne Squires, Ernestine Arnold, Eileen Walsh, Louise Myers, Joan Larkin

75+ Team
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton, Wendall Mill, Norma Morrissey, Alice Chandler, Lynn Kelly

Golf Individual

Women’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Norma Douglas

Women’s 55+ Recreational
GOLD- Shelly Lively
SILVER- Linda MacEachern
BRONZE- Betty Pollard

Men’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Paul MacDonald

Men’s 55+ Recreational
GOLD- Harry Vandenbroek
SILVER- Gary Lively
BRONZE- Joseph Aylward

Women’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Donna Herring

Women’s 65+ Recreational
GOLD- Mary Mantie
SILVER- Elaine Herring
BRONZE- Ernestine Arnold

Men’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Joe Brown
SILVER- Lyman Douglas

Men’s 65+ Recreational
GOLD- Ron Mantie
SILVER- Wendell MacDonald
BRONZE- Peter Heighton

Men’s 75+ Competitive
GOLD- Barry White
SILVER- Joe Spriet

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Day 2 Results

Duplicate Bridge

GOLD- Brenda Matusiewicz & Joanne Stubbs
SILVER- Doreen Rowe & Natalie Jenkins
BRONZE- Jane Beck & Bloyce Beck


Ladies Singles
GOLD- Margaret MacKinley
SILVER- Norma Laird
BRONZE- Heidi Hitzelberger

Men’s Singles
GOLD- Wilfred Smith
SILVER- Lawson Lea
BRONZE- George Doughart

GOLD- Richard Myers & Don Steeves
SILVER- Wilfred Smith & Lawson Lea
BRONZE- George Doughart & Fred Doughart

Lawn Bowling

GOLD- Foch McNally & Richard Gallant
SILVER- Ernie Stavert & Mel Arsenault
BRONZE- Grant Crockett & Robert Hill

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Elaine Hughes
SILVER- Connie Hill & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Gloria Clarke & Myrna Sanderson


Men’s Division
GOLD- Phillip Connolly & Dan Grant
SILVER- Bennett Tremere & Ron Gamble
BRONZE- Louis Clinton & Mike McIntosh

Women’s Division
GOLD- Judy Squires & Jen Humes
SILVER- Peggy MacKinnon & Pat Bear
BRONZE- Marian Grant & Debye Connolly


GOLD- Isabelle Vaerewyck & Ralph Billard
SILVER- Tony Molloy & Bea Molloy
BRONZE- Stuart MacDonald & Isabelle Slater

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Day 1 Results

Golf 4 Person Scramble

GOLD- Shane McLure, Karl Hanson, Alan Chisholm, Fred Cheverie
SILVER- Paul MacDonald, Art Wallace, Ed Donahoe, Norbert Murphy
BRONZE- Eddie Gallant, D. Wall, Clayton Hood, Eugene Young

GOLD- Nancy Heaney, Lorraine MacDonald, Wendy MacLeod, Diana Chandler
SILVER- Faye MacLeod, Ernestine Arnold, Linda MacEachern, Glynne Squires
BRONZE- Karen Currie, Shirley Barrie, Leah Kilbride, Valerie Acorn

GOLD- Marian Grant, Dan Grant, Phillip Connolly, Debye Connolly
SILVER- Janet Harper, Rick Campbell, Pat Campbell, Kennie MacDonald
BRONZE- Alan MacLean, Linda MacLean, Norma Douglas, Lyman Douglas

Contract Bridge

GOLD- Bloyce Beck & Jane Beck
SILVER- Anne White & Sandra MacDonald
BRONZE- Elaine Herring & Vaughen Gosbee

Lawn Bowling

55+ Mixed
GOLD- Richard Gallant & Judy Gallant
SILVER- Elaine Hughes & Mel Arsenault
BRONZE- Myrna Sanderson & Foch McNally

GOLD- Robert Hill & Connie Hill
SILVER- Carolyn & Grant Crockett


GOLD- Dave MacLean & Ev Gauthier
SILVER- Christine Young & Trena MacLean
BRONZE- Andy Gass & Doug MacEachern



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Singles Golf Tee Times

Tee Times for the Singles Golf event on Thursday, June 23 at Brudenell are:

11:00 Joseph Aylward, Gary Lively, George Barrett, Ron Mantie

11:10 Lyman Douglas, Joe Brown, Barry White, Joe Spriet

11:20 Wendell MacDonald, Peter Heighton, Lorne Stevenson, Harry Vandenbroek

11:30 Betty Pollard, Shelly Lively, Norma Douglas

11:40 Donna Herring, Elaine Herring, Mary Mantie, Ann Palmer

11:50 Ernie Arnold, Faye MacLeod, Linda Sigsworth, Glady King

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