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Day 5 Results


GOLD- Richard Karis
SILVER- Michelle Holmstrom
BRONZE- Sheila Arsenault


Women’s CD Final
GOLD- Melda Breneman
SILVER- Wendy MacLeod

Women’s AB Final
GOLD- Lorraine MacDonald
SILVER- Cynthia King


55+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Glenna Harper
SILVER- Gladys King
BRONZE- Joan Larkin

65+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Ernestine Arnold
SILVER- Ali Dykens
BRONZE- Mary McKenna

75+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Norma Morrissey

75+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Margaret Drake
SILVER- Faye Mayhew

75+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Foch McNally

65+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Michael Palmer
SILVER- Tilmon Gallant
BRONZE- Cyril Harper

65+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Robert Cumming
SILVER- Lennie Vanduinkerken
BRONZE- Gerry Dieser

Stick Curling

GOLD- Barry Craswell & Sterling Stratton
SILVER- Ernie Stavert & Vincent Fisher
BRONZE- Spike Martin & Woody Paupitt

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