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Day 4 Results


GOLD- Mary DeCourcey & Betty Gay
SILVER- Theresa Hudson & Marg MacDonald
BRONZE- Blair Crozier & Diane Crozier


GOLD- Michelle Holmstrom
SILVER- Geraldine McConnon
BRONZE- Joan Philpott

5 Pin Bowling- Singles

55+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Johnston

65+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Ali Dykens
SILVER- Ernie Arnold
BRONZE- Connie Hill

65+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Judy Chaisson
SILVER- Joanne Trotter
BRONZE- Glenna Harper

65+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Robert Hill
SILVER- Robert Cumming

65+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Cyril Harper
SILVER- Lorne Stevenson

75+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Alice Chandler

75+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Norma Morrissey
BRONZE- Margaret Drake

75+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Lennie VanDuinkerken

Washer Toss

GOLD- Barry Gass & Andy Gass
SILVER- Doug MacEachern & Boyd Anderson
BRONZE- Everett Gauthier & Everett White


GOLD- Fred Vaerewyck & Doris Herring
SILVER- Ruth Stavert & Ralph Billard
BRONZE- Elaine Hughes & Gloria Clark

Auction 45

GOLD- Keir Jones & Jean Kneabone
SILVER- Shirley Hennessey & Patsy Lidstone
BRONZE- Charlie Easter & Annie Boyle

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