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Day 6- Friday, September 16th

Washer Toss

Above: Gold- Willowdene Arsenault and Wenda Taylor presented by 55+ Games Vice President, Doreen Percy

Above: Silver- Ivan Gallant and David Gallant

Above: Bronze- Everett White and Everett Gauthier

Table Tennis

55+ Singles

Above: Silver medal presented to Paul Marchbank and Gold to Mahmat Darian by 55+ Games board member, Dhuey Pratt

Above: Bronze- John McNally

65+ Singles

Gold- Andy Jamieson

Silver- Bob Bryant

Bronze- Paul McGuire

55+ Doubles

Above: Silver- Paul Marchbank and Philip Cameron and Gold- Mahmat Darian and Bob Bryant

Bronze- Andy Jamieson and John McNally (not pictured)

65+ Doubles

Above: Gold- Andy Jamieson and Bob Bryant

Above: Silver- Brian Evans and Paul McGuire

Bocce Ball