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Day 4- Wednesday, September 14th

Lawn Bowling

55+ Mixed Pairs

Gold- Paul Young and Bonnie Fitzgerald

Silver- Etta Reid and Shogi Yamamoto

Bronze- Glen Singleton and Norma Lee Singleton

70+ Mixed Pairs

Gold- Joe Martell and Louise Larsen

Silver- Elaine Hughes and Robert Hill

Bronze- Foch McNally and Mary McKenna

Golf- Men’s Scramble

Above: Gold- Ivan Gallant, Jim Evans, Mario Dicarlo, and Brian Cooper

Above: Silver- Eddie Gallant, Artie Betts, Clayton Hood, and Jeff Jardine presented by 55+ games board member, Ensor McNeill

Above: Bronze- Paul Chessman, Brent MacDougall, Neil Matheson, and Randy Field (missing from photo)

Above: Ivan Gallant presents Closest to the pin on hole 7 to Neil Matheson

Above: Closest to the pin on hole 4- Artie Betts



Above: Cathy Montgomery, 55+ Games Society board member presents Gold to Alma Nunn and Jean MacRae

Above: Tie for Silver- Wilfred Smith and Lawson Lea

Above: Silver- Flora MacLennan and Freeman Simmons

Above: Bronze- Gerard Koughan and Gloria Matheson

Men’s Singles

Above: Gold- Wilfred Smith

Above: Silver- Bruce Younker

Above: Bronze- Gerard Koughan

Women’s Singles

Above: Gold- Mary Cousins

Above: Silver- Maureen Monaghan

Above: Bronze- Alma Nunn

Walking and Running


Gold- Barry Cudmore

Silver- Eleanor Evans

Bronze- Nancy MacLeod


Gold- Ensor McNeill

Silver- Gary McQuaid

Bronze- Paul McGuire

Above: The 3 running medalists with 55+ Games Vice President, Doreen Percy

Pickleball- Women’s


Above: Gold – Kathy McGinnis and Marian Grant presented by 55+ Games board member, Kim Knight-Picketts

Above: Silver – Colleen Cameron and Christine Wheatley

Above: Bronze- Karen Dover and Michelle Calder


Above: Gloria Gray presents gold to Lorraine MacDonald and Carol Cousins

Above: Silver- Ann Elliott and Wendy MacLeod

Above: Bronze-Ella McCormack and Wenda Taylor