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Day 3- Tuesday, September 13th

Golf Singles- Male and Female


Above: 55+ games board member, Doreen Percy awards the gold medal to Lynn Dorgan

Above: Silver- Lorraine MacDonald

Above: Bronze- Ann Brander


Above: Games Co-chair, Ivan Gallant presents the gold medal to David Hunter

Silver- Ivan Gallant (not pictured)

Above: Games co-chair, Ivan Gallant presents Bronze to Bruce Cole, also had closest to the pin on hole 9

Lawn Bowling

55+ Women’s

Above: 55+ Games president, Susan Dalziel presents gold to Louise Larsen and Debbie Birt

Above: Silver- Bonnie Fitzgerald and Pat Blackett

Bronze- Etta Reid and Norma Lee Singleton (not pictured)

70+ Women’s

Gold- Myrna Sanderson and Myrna Craswell

Above: Silver- Carolyn Crockett and Sue Deschoup

Above: Bronze- Elaine Hughes and Janette Fraser

55+ Men’s

Gold- Paul Young and Joe Martell

Silver- Barry Craswell and Glen Singleton

70+ Men’s

Gold- Rick Oastler and Wayne Dover

Above: Silver- Foch McNally and Grant Crockett