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2023 Boyles Optical Winter Games- Day 6


Mens 65+ Division
Gold: Ricky Hood & Jerry MacDonald with event organizer, Paul Cheverie
Silver: Todd Fraser & Charlie VanKampen
Bronze: Paul McGuire & John McNally
Womens 55+ Division
Gold: Kathleen Angelini & Michelle Calder with event chair, Andy Gallant
Silver: Merilyn Mutch & Susie Fraser
Bronze: Joan McRae & Darlene Hackett
Mens 55+ Division
Gold: Gord Dover and Paul Marchbank
Silver: Scott Lacey and Dave MacLeod
Bronze: Ian Handrahan & Kevin Bennington

8 Ball Pool

55+ Division

Gold: Robert Smith

Silver: Don Roberts

Bronze: George Lipton

Above, L to R: George Lipton, Don Roberts, Robert Smith, medals presented by 55+ Games Society President, Susan Dalziel.

70+ Division

Gold: Wayne White

Silver: Cecil Shea

Bronze: Wes Rose

Above: Cecil Shea and Wes Rose. Missing from picture, Wayne White.