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2023 Boyles Optical Winter Games- Day 4

Thursday, March 30th Results


Gold- TIE Marie Paulin and Marie Carragher/ Bill MacPhail and Gerard Irving- each with 19 points

Silver- Debbie Tremere and Thelma Guindon- 18 points

Bronze- Brenda Davey and Gordon Crozier- 17 points

Above: Tie for gold, Bill MacPhail, Gerard Irving, Marie Paulin, Marie Carragher, presented by 55+ Games board member, Frank Sams

Above: Silver medalists, Debbie Tremere and Thelma Guindon, presented by Frank Sams

Above: Bronze medalists, Brenda Davey and Gordon Crozier, presented by Frank Sams


Gold- Lisa Kessler

Silver- Martin Cruttwell

Bronze- Barbara Bovaird

Highest Bingo- Martin Cruttwell

Above: Gold medalist, Lisa Kessler, presented by 55+ Games board member, Frank Sams

Above: Silver medalist and highest Bingo score, Martin Cruttwell, presented by Frank Sams

Above: Bronze medalist, Barbara Bovaird, presented by Frank Sams

Bowling- Team


Gold 273 points- Below: Grace MacKinnon, Cindy Merritt, Neill Merritt, Marlene MacIntyre, and Norma Morrisey

Silver 219 points- Below: Lynda MacDonald, Shirley Robbins, Pearl MacEachern, Ethol McLeod, and Shirley Sherren

Bronze 153 points- Below: Robert McClintick, Bill Blanchard, John Ellsworth, Judy Cain, and Cathy Blanchard


Gold- Below: Margaret Wiggington, Marie Gallant, Robert Hill, Hector MacDonald, Joyce Thompson

Silver- Below: Glynne Squires, Victor Clow, Ernie Arnold, Eileen Walsh, Alan Somers


Gold-15 points, Joan Larkin and Christine Bjornsson, presented by event coordinator, Scott MacDonald (below)

Silver- 23 points, Dale Small and John MacEwen (below)

Bronze- 41 points, Ken and Lynda MacDonald (below)

Duplicate Bridge

Gold- Below: Rolf and Ann Marie Tomlins, presented by Linda Sharp, Charlottetown Bridge club member

Silver- Below: Nancy VanWiechen and Polly MacIntyre

Bronze- Below: Rosella Rossiter and Anne O’Hanley


9:30am- 70+ Summerside-2 vs Charlottetown- 11

10:45am- 60+ Pownal-1 vs Summerside- 4

1:10pm- 70+ Tignish- 4 vs Charlottetown- 7

5:45pm- 70+ Summerside- 1 vs Tignish- 3

7:00pm- 60+ Summerside- 1 vs Charlottetown- 5