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2023 Boyles Optical Winter Games- Day 3

Wednesday, March 30th Results


1:10pm- 60+ Charlottetown- 3 vs Summerside- 4

5:15pm- 60+ Charlottetown- 9 vs Pownal- 0


Gold- Calvin Smith Team

Silver- Mike Praught Team

Above: Gold Medalists, Calvin Smith team

Above: Silver medalists, Mike Praught team


Women’s Singles

Gold- Gloria Matheson, 44 points and 119 centers

Below: 55+ Games Society board member, Bob Bryant presents Gloria Matheson with the gold medal.

Silver- Below: Dianne Gill, 39 points and 117 centers

Bronze- Below: Jean MacRae, 38 points and 87 centers

Men’s Singles

Gold- Below: Wilfred Smith, 51 points and 107 centers

Silver- Below: Doug Neill, 50 points and 116 centers

Bronze- Below: Gerard Keoughan, 43 points and 92 centers


Gold- Below: Lawson Lea and Wilfred Smith, 42 points and 71 centers

Silver- Below: Dave Hunter and Lou Livingstone, 40 points and 78 centers

Bronze- Below: Wendell Jewell and Dixie Vickerson, 37 points and 65 centers