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2023 Boyles Optical Winter Games- Day 2

Tuesday, March 28th Results

Table Tennis

55+ Singles

Gold- Dean Arsenault

Silver- Robert Bryant

Bronze- Pete Peters

Above: Left to right, Dean Arsenault, Robert Bryant, and Pete Peters

65+ Singles

Gold- Andy Jamieson

Silver- John McNally

Bronze- Robert Bryant

Above: Left to right, Robert Bryant, Andy Jamieson, and John McNally

65+ Doubles

Gold- Paul McGuire and John McNally

Silver- Robert Bryant and Andy Jamieson

Bronze- Elizabeth Bryant and Melvin Gallant

Above: Left to right, Robert Bryant, Andy Jamieson, Paul McGuire, John McNally, Elizabeth Bryant, and Melvin Gallant

Men’s Hockey

12:00pm- 60+ Summerside- 6 vs Pownal- 2

1:10pm- 70+ Charlottetown- 5 vs Tignish- 5

5:10pm- 70+ Tignish- 5 vs Summerside- 2

7:30pm- 60+ Pownal- 1 vs Charlottetown- 10


Gold- Cathy Trainor
Silver- Lorraine Gauthier

Men’s 55+
Gold- Carl Smith (Playoff winner)
Silver- Douglas Ferguson
Bronze- Ron Green

Men’s 70+
Gold- William Moffat (Playoff winner)
Silver- Robert Bryant
Bronze- Warren Foulkes

Above: Left to right, Robert Bryant, William Moffat, and Warren Foulkes