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2023 Boyles Optical Summer Games- Day 3

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Golf Scramble- Mixed

Gold- John McNally, Karen McNally, Judy O’Hanley, and David O’Hanley, pictured below with PEI 55+ Games board member, Ensor McNeill.

Silver- David MacFadyen, Susan MacFadyen, Ted MacFadyen, Angela Profit, pictured below.

Bronze- Les Parsons, Mary Beth Parsons, Barb Waite, Ron Waite, pictured below.

Lawn Bowling

Women’s 55+

Gold- Louise Larsen and Heather Diamond, pictured below with Ernie Stavert, PEI 55+ Games board member, and Foch McNally, Lawn Bowling event chair

Silver- Etta Reid and Norma Lee Singleton, pictured below.

Women’s 70+

Gold- Myrna Craswell and Myrna Sanderson, pictured below

Silver- Elaine Hughes and Gloria Clarke, pictured below.

Bronze-  Eileen Davis and Pat Blackett, pictured below.

Men’s 55+

Gold- Barry Craswell and Scott Spence, pictured below.

Silver- Italo Marzari and Paul Young, pictured below.

Bronze- Glenn Singleton and Charlie Reid, pictured below.

Men’s 70+

Gold- Jim Allard and Foch McNally, pictured below.

Silver- Rick Oastler and Wayne Dover

Bronze- Joe Martell and Grant Crockett


Singles Women’s

Gold- Gloria Matheson (54 points, 99 centres)

Silver- Hazel MacKenzie (53 points, 121 centres)

Bronze- Dianne Cole (48 points, 92 centres)

Above: PEI 55+ Games Executive Director, Victoria Leard, presents medals to Hazel MacKenzie, Gloria Matheson, and Dianne Cole.

Singles Men’s

Gold- Gerard Koughan (57 points, 109 centres)

Silver- Bruce Younker (56 points, 103 centres)

Bronze- Wilfred Smith (51 points, 95 centres)

Above: 55+ Games ED, Victoria Leard, presents medals to Bruce Younker, Gerard Koughan, and Wilfred Smith.


Gold- Doug Neill and Louise Weeks (37 points, 83 centres)

Above: Event Chair, David Younker presents the doubles gold medal to Doug Neill and Louise Weeks.

Silver- Wilfred Smith and Lawson Lea (35 points, 83 centres)

Above: David Younker presents the silver medal to Lawson Lea and Wilfred Smith.

Bronze- Bruce Younker and Gerard Koughan (34 points, 107 centres)

Above: David Younker presents the bronze medal to Bruce Younker and Gerard Koughan.