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2023 Boyles Optical Summer Games- Day 2

Monday, September 11, 2023

Golf- Singles

Women’s 55+

Gold- Susan MacDonald, pictured below with Co-chair, Craig Savill and Golf volunteer.

Silver- Nancy Woodington, pictured below


Bronze- Sherry Cole, pictured below

Women’s 65+

Gold- Lorraine MacDonald

Silver- Anne Brander

Bronze- Willowdene Arsenault

Pictured below L-R: Anne Brander, Lorraine MacDonald, and Willowdene Arsenault

Women’s 75+

Gold- Sylvia Cole, pictured below. Sylvia was also the closest to the pin!


Gold- Ivan Gallant

Silver- Bruce Cole

Bronze- Lorne Stevenson

Pictured below L-R: Bruce Cole, Ivan Gallant, and Lorne Stevenson

Full results for the Golf- Singles pictured below

Contract Bridge

Gold- Melvin Affleck and Duncan McKillop, pictured below with Games volunteer, Irene Profit

Silver- Irene Profit and Mary Champion, pictured below with Event Chair, Duncan McKillop

Bronze- Kathy McQuaid and Nola Murphy, pictured below with Event Chair, Duncan McKillop

Duplicate Bridge

Gold- Blair Arsenault and Tom Mahoney.

Pictured below is Blair Arsenault accepting his medal from games volunteer, Kathy McQuaid

Silver- Dave Gallant and Helen Baker, picture below with games volunteer Irene Profit

Bronze- Jessie Wheatley and Pearle MacCallum, pictured below with Duncan McKillop

Table Tennis

Singles 55+

Mahmut Darian GOLD
Paul McGuire     SILVER
Melvin Gallant    BRONZE

Singles 70+

Robert Bryant   GOLD
Brian Evans       SILVER

Doubles 55+

Mahmut Darian  GOLD
Melvin Gallant
Paul McGuire      SILVER
John McNally
Robert Bryant      Bronze
Brian Evans
(GOLD for 70+ Doubles)

Above: Melvin Gallant and Mahmut Darian, Gold in 55+ Doubles. Melvin Gallant, Bronze in 55+ singles, Mahmut Darian, Gold in 55+ singles

Above: John McNally and Paul McGuire, silver in 55+ Doubles. Paul McGuire, silver in 55+ singles.

Above: Robert Bryant, gold in 70+ singles, Brian Evans, silver in 70+ singles. Bronze in 55+ Doubles, gold in 70+ doubles.