Registration Forms Now Available

2017 Summer Games Registration

Registration is now open for the Vogue Optical 2017 PEI 55+ Summer Games being hosted by West Prince Towns of O’Leary, Alberton and Tignish, September 20-23, 2017.

The registration deadline is September 12. Please remember to register on time so we’re prepared to host a great event. No late registrations will be accepted.

Over 400 past participants have been sent a copy in the mail. Other past participants with a valid e-mail should receive an electronic copy this week. You can also pick up a copy at your local Vogue Optical.

We will also try to send copies to seniors groups, bowling alleys, and curling clubs and Town Halls throughout the Island. If you would like to pick some up for your group or have copies sent to your group, please contact the office at 902-368-6570.

Or just print off your own copy 2017 Summer Games Registration Form

Online registration is also available here

We’re looking forward to having you join us for some friendly competition!


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2017 Summer Games Events are Set

Here is the list of game events also the date/community that they will be taken place. The registration form will be available in the coming week.

Wednesday Sept. 20th in O’Leary

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Auction 45’s
  • Golf – Scramble
  • Crokinole
  • Cribbage
  • Archery
  • Rook
  • Tennis
  • Shuffleboard (floor)
  • Run 5Km/10KM
  • Washer Toss
  • Reception

Thursday Sept. 21st in Alberton

  • Bocce
  •  5 Pin Bowling
  • Golf- Individual
  • Lawn Bowling
  • Cycling – 25KM
  • Fishing
  • Walking 2Km/5KM
  • Reception

Friday Sept. 22nd in Tignish

  • Contract Bridge
  •  Darts
  •  Duplicate Bridge
  • Pickleball – Singles/Pairs
  •  Scrabble
  • Reception/Closing Ceremony

Saturday Sept. 23rd in Tignish

  • Softball


*** All events will be moved to next day if weather conditions or other circumstances arise.***

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2017 Summer Games

Vogue Optical 2009 2017 Summer Games will be taking place the week of Sept 18, 2017 on the Western part of PEI. Events will be taken place in Alberton, Tignish and O’ Leary throughout the week. Along with all the events of years past there will be a few new events added this year! So, mark your calendars now so you will be able to attend. More details to come in the next couple of weeks.

thAlberton Town crest no backgroundCommunity Logo

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55+ Winter Games 2017 Results

2017 PEI 55+ Winter Games

                                                        COMPILED RESULTS



55+ Hockey

            West Prince 1 vs. Eastern Wind 1

            West Prince 8 vs. Eastern Wind 0

GOLD – West Prince

SILVER – Eastern Wind


55+ Hockey

            Charlottetown 3 vs. Summerside 1

            Charlottetown 4 vs. Summerside 0

GOLD – Charlottetown

SILVER – Summerside

60+ Hockey

            Tignish 2 vs. Summerside 7

            Charlottetown 4 vs. Tignish 3

GOLD – Summerside

SILVER – Charlottetown

BRONZE – Tignish

65+ Hockey

            VanGuard 1 vs. Summerside 6

            Summerside 5 vs. VanGuard 0

GOLD – Summerside

SILVER – VanGuard

70+ Hockey

            Charlottetown 5 vs. Summerside 1

            Summerside 2 vs. Charlottetown 10

GOLD – Charlottetown

SILVER – Summerside


55+ Tm Bowling

GOLD – Bill Blanchard, Cathy Blanchard, John Ellsworth, Robert McClintock, Ken Squarebriggs

SILVER – Carrol Connick, Marjorie MacDonald, Dorothy Drewett, Judy Arnold, Pearl MacEachern

BRONZE – Robert Hill, Connie Hill, Helena McCarville, Jim McNally, Marie Gallant

65 + Tm Bowling

GOLD – Alfie Wakelin, Joey Topshee, Mary Singleton, Doug Daley

SILVER – Kathy Taylor, Allan Somers, Ella Somers, Eleanor Holmes, George Chisholm

BRONZE – Lloyd Peterson, Robert Dickson, Bob McCloskey, Rita Borden

75+ Tm Bowling

GOLD –  Pauline Garnhum, Clara MacLeod, Ethel MacLeod, Barbara McIsaac, Shirley Sherren

SILVER – Art Richard, Andy Perry, Paul Jay, Lloyd Wakelin, Moe Wood

BRONZE – Martin St. Clair, Annie Ravenhill, Dean Ravenhill, Rowena Brown, Fay Mayhew

BOWLING – SINGLES(results missing please help)

65+ Mens

GOLD – Michael Palmer, John Ellsworth

SILVER – Alfie Wakelin


75+ Mens

Gold –

Silver –

Bronze –


55+ Mixed

GOLD – Diane MacKay, Myron MacKay, Val MacLean, Cliff Sentner

SILVER – Barry Craswell, Myrna Craswell, Russell Boyle, Myrna Sanderson

BRONZE – Bryan Sutherland, Elaine Hughes, Jim Orr, Janette Fraser

55+ Men’s

GOLD – Philip McInnis, Ensor McNeill, David Murphy, Calvin MacMillan

SILVER – Paul Arsenault, Edgar Coffin, Ray Biage, Ken Praught

BRONZE – Lorne MacGuigan, Bill Harper, John Baird, Leigh Crabbe



GOLD – Elaine Hughes, Myrna Craswell

SILVER – Mabel England, Ruth Stavert

BRONZE – Phyllis Stretch, Polly Batt


GOLD – Stirling Higginbotham, Bazil Higginbotham

SILVER – John Dunsford, Hugh Logan

BRONZE – Grant Laird, Vern Chowan


GOLD – Faye MacLeod, Ian MacLeod

SILVER – George Watts, Wilfred Watts

BRONZE – Frances Trainor, Geraldine McConnon


GOLD – Ralph McQuaid, Marie McQuaid

SILVER – Cecile Murl, Anna Meston

BRONZE – Les Phelan, Francis O’Brien


Men’s Singles

GOLD – Don Steeves (69 pts, 98 centres)

SILVER – Wilfred Smith (65 pts, 119 centres)

BRONZE – George Doughart (63 pts, 66 centres)

Women’s Singles

GOLD – Jean MacRae (56 pts, 78 centres)

SILVER – Dixie Vickerson (50 pts, 75 centres)

BRONZE – Alma Nunn (45 pts, 79 centres)


GOLD – Fred Doughart, George Doughart (47 pts, 64 centres)

SILVER – Barry Balderston, Fenton MacSwain (44 pts, 47 centres)

BRONZE – Gloria Matheson, Robert Weeks (40 pts, 67 centres)



GOLD – Scott MacDonald (9 pts)

SILVER – Doug Ferguson (8 pts)

BRONZE – Ronnie Green (7 pts)


GOLD – Preston Smith (7 pts)

SILVER – Louis Gauthier (6 pts)

BRONZE – Ken Cooke (5 pts)


GOLD – Bill Oulton, Sterling Vessey (3160 pts)

SILVER – Dan MacLean, Duncan McKillop (2720 pts)

BRONZE – Terri Brooks, Adele Jardine (2620 pts)


Women’s Doubles

GOLD – Anne Richard, Lorraine MacDonald

SILVER – Jane Murray, Karen Conrad

BRONZE – Nola Murphy, Irene Larkin

Men’s Doubles

GOLD – Kenny Peters, Mike MacIntosh

SILVER – Malcolm Brown, Ernie Coles

BRONZE – Paul Olscamp, Paul McGuire

Mixed Doubles

GOLD – Paul Olscamp, Lorraine MacDonald

SILVER – Malcolm Brown, Barb Dunphy

BRONZE – Kenny Peters, Yvonne McQuaid


GOLD – Betty Pollard (3 wins +574 pts)

SILVER – Gail Jenkins (3 wins +174 pts)

BRONZE – Sheila Arsenault (2 wins +313 pts)

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55+ Games Hockey Schedule


Tuesday, Feb. 21

60+ M 10:10 am – Tignish vs Ch’town

65+ M 11:20 am – VanGuard vs S’side

70+ M 12:30 pm – Ch’town vs S’side

60+ M 1:40 pm – S’side vs Tignish

Wednesday, Feb. 22

60 + M 9:00 am –  Ch’town vs S’side

65+ M 10:10 am – S’side vs VanGuard

70+ M 11:20 am – S’side vs Ch’town

60+ M 12:30 pm – S’side vs Ch’town

Thursday, Feb. 23

60+ M 11:10 am – Ch’town vs Tignish

60+ M 2:40 pm – S’side vs Tignish


Monday, Feb. 20

55+ W 6:50 pm -7:50 pm – Eastern Wind vs W. Prince

55+ M 8:00 pm – S’side vs Ch’town

Wednesday, Feb. 22

55+ M 5:50 pm – Ch’town vs S’side

55+ W 7:00 pm – West Prince vs Eastern Wind

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Stick Curling Draw 55+ Games Winter Games 2017

Wednesday, Feb.22

12:15 pm

Ice 1 Hackett/Hackett vs McIntyre/McIntyre

Ice2 Crockett/Field vs Blanchard/MacEachern

Ice 3 Stavert/Collicutt vs Gill/MacPherson

1:30 pm

Ice 1 Craswell/Stratton vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 Stretch/Batt vs Hughes/Craswell

Ice 3 Stavert/England vs Clarey/Plamandon

Ice 4 Dunsford/Logan vs Stavert/Collicutt

2:45 pm

Ice 1 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Dunsford/Logan

Ice 2 Hackett/Hackett vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Crockett/Field vs Gill/MacPherson

4:00 pm

Ice 1 Clarey/Sutherland vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 3 Stretch/Batt vs Stavert/England

Ice 4 Hughes/Craswell vs Clarey/Plamandon

Thursday, Feb. 23

8:30 am

Ice 1 Marsh/Waite vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 2 Gill/MacPherson vs Dunsford/Logan

Ice 3 Higginbotham/Higginbotham vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 4 Stretch/Batt vs Clarey/Plamandon

9:45 am

Ice 1 Hughes/Craswell vs Stavert/England

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 3 Hackett/Hackett vs McIntyre/McIntyre

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Stavert/Collicutt


Ice 1 Marsh/Waite vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 2 Laird/Chowan vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Callaghan/Callaghan vs Gill/MacPherson

Ice 4 Glydon/Davis vs Dunsford/Logan

12:45 pm

Ice 1 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 Hackett/Hackett vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 3 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Stavert/Collicutt

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Dunsford/Logan

2:00 pm

Ice 1 Women’s Semifinal

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Crockett/Field

Ice 3 Hackett/Hackett vs Marsh /Waite

Ice 4 Women’s Semifinal

3:15 pm

Ice 1 Laird/Chowan vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Callaghan/Callaghan vs Stavert /Collicutt

Ice 4 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Gill/MacPherson

Friday, Feb. 24

9:30 am

Ice 1 Dunsford/Logan vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 2 Higginbotham/Higginbotham vs Marsh/Waite

Ice 3 Craswell/Stratton vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 4 Gill/MacPherson vs Glydon/Davis

10:45 am

Ice 1 Hackett/Hackett vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Blanchard/MacEachern

Ice 3 Marsh/Waite vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Callaghan/Callaghan

2:15 pm

Ice 1 Clarey/Sutherland vs Marsh/Waite

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 3 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 4 Stavert/Collicutt vs Glydon/Davis

3:30 pm

Ice 1 Men’s/Mixed Bronze

Ice 2 Women’s Gold

Ice 3 Men’s/Mixed Gold

Ice 4 Women’s  Bronze


All games are six ends.

Tie Breaking rules will be outlined before your first game.

There will be complimentary coffee/tea and muffins each morning.

Food service will be available for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday

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55+ Games Curling Draw at Cornwall Curling Club(Revised)

Monday, Feb. 20

8:30 am:

Ice 1  Paul Arsenault vs Tom Dunn

Ice 2  Barry Craswell vs Gordon Matthews

Ice 3  Lorne MacGuigan vs Philip McInnis

Ice 4  Paul Field vs Brian Sutherland

10:15 am

Ice 1  Kimball Blanchard vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 2  Paul Arsenault vs Lorne McGuigan

Ice 3  Paul Durant vs Shelley Ebbett

Ice 4  Dale Cannon vs Tom Dunn

12:30 pm

Ice 1  Vern Chowan vs Gordon Matthews

Ice 2 Barry Craswell vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 3  Diane MacKay vs Shelley Ebbett

Ice 4 Paul Durant vs Brian Sutherland

2:15 pm

Ice 1  Philip McInnis vs Tom Dunn

Ice 2  Vern Chowan vs Kimball Blanchard

Ice 3  Paul Arsenault vs Dale Cannon

Ice 4  Diane MacKay vs Paul Field

Tuesday, Feb 21

8:30 am

Ice 1  Paul Durant vs Diane MacKay

Ice 2  Dale Cannon vs Lorne MacGuigan

Ice 3  Gordon Matthews vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 4  Barry Craswell vs Vern Chowan

10:15 am

Ice 2  Shelley Ebbett vs Paul Field

Ice 3  Gordon Matthews vs Kimball Blanchard

12:30 pm

Ice 1  Dale Cannon vs Philip McInnis

Ice 2  Diane MacKay vs Brian Sutherland

Ice 3  Tom Dunn vs Lorne MacGuigan

Ice 4  Paul Durant vs Paul Field

2:15 pm

Ice 1  Barry Craswell vs Kimball Blanchard

Ice 2  Philip McInnis vs Paul Arsenault

Ice 3  Vern Chowan vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 4  Shelley Ebbett vs Brian Sutherland

Wednesday, Feb 22

8:30 am

Ice 1  Men’s semifinal

Ice 2  Mixed/women’s semifinal

Ice 3 Men’s semifinal

Ice 4  Mixed/women’s semifinal

10:15 am

Ice 1  Mixed/women bronze medal

Ice 2  Men’s gold medal

Ice 3  Mixed/women gold medal

Ice 4  Men’s bronze medal


All games will be 6 ends.

Tie breaking rules will be outlined before your first game.

There will be complimentary coffee/tea and muffins in the morning.

Food service will be available at noon.

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