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Stick Curling Draw 55+ Games Winter Games 2017

Wednesday, Feb.22

12:15 pm

Ice 1 Hackett/Hackett vs McIntyre/McIntyre

Ice2 Crockett/Field vs Blanchard/MacEachern

Ice 3 Stavert/Collicutt vs Gill/MacPherson

1:30 pm

Ice 1 Craswell/Stratton vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 Stretch/Batt vs Hughes/Craswell

Ice 3 Stavert/England vs Clarey/Plamandon

Ice 4 Dunsford/Logan vs Stavert/Collicutt

2:45 pm

Ice 1 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Dunsford/Logan

Ice 2 Hackett/Hackett vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Crockett/Field vs Gill/MacPherson

4:00 pm

Ice 1 Clarey/Sutherland vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 3 Stretch/Batt vs Stavert/England

Ice 4 Hughes/Craswell vs Clarey/Plamandon

Thursday, Feb. 23

8:30 am

Ice 1 Marsh/Waite vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 2 Gill/MacPherson vs Dunsford/Logan

Ice 3 Higginbotham/Higginbotham vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 4 Stretch/Batt vs Clarey/Plamandon

9:45 am

Ice 1 Hughes/Craswell vs Stavert/England

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 3 Hackett/Hackett vs McIntyre/McIntyre

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Stavert/Collicutt


Ice 1 Marsh/Waite vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 2 Laird/Chowan vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Callaghan/Callaghan vs Gill/MacPherson

Ice 4 Glydon/Davis vs Dunsford/Logan

12:45 pm

Ice 1 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 Hackett/Hackett vs Craswell/Stratton

Ice 3 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Stavert/Collicutt

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Dunsford/Logan

2:00 pm

Ice 1 Women’s Semifinal

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Crockett/Field

Ice 3 Hackett/Hackett vs Marsh /Waite

Ice 4 Women’s Semifinal

3:15 pm

Ice 1 Laird/Chowan vs Clarey/Sutherland

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Higginbotham/Higginbotham

Ice 3 Callaghan/Callaghan vs Stavert /Collicutt

Ice 4 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Gill/MacPherson

Friday, Feb. 24

9:30 am

Ice 1 Dunsford/Logan vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 2 Higginbotham/Higginbotham vs Marsh/Waite

Ice 3 Craswell/Stratton vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 4 Gill/MacPherson vs Glydon/Davis

10:45 am

Ice 1 Hackett/Hackett vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 2 Glydon/Davis vs Blanchard/MacEachern

Ice 3 Marsh/Waite vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 4 Crockett/Field vs Callaghan/Callaghan

2:15 pm

Ice 1 Clarey/Sutherland vs Marsh/Waite

Ice 2 McIntyre/McIntyre vs Laird/Chowan

Ice 3 Blanchard/MacEachern vs Callaghan/Callaghan

Ice 4 Stavert/Collicutt vs Glydon/Davis

3:30 pm

Ice 1 Men’s/Mixed Bronze

Ice 2 Women’s Gold

Ice 3 Men’s/Mixed Gold

Ice 4 Women’s  Bronze


All games are six ends.

Tie Breaking rules will be outlined before your first game.

There will be complimentary coffee/tea and muffins each morning.

Food service will be available for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday

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