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Day 5 Results- Updated

It was a beautiful day 5 at the Vogue Optical 55+ Games at the North Shore.


Washer Toss

GOLD- Doug MacEachern & Barry Gass
SILVER- Ev Gauthier & Ev White
BRONZE- Heather Pratt & Cheryl Dalziel


GOLD- Ernie Stavert & Adrien Clarke
SILVER- Myrna Sanderson & Pat Blackett
BRONZE- Doug MacEachern & Barry Gass


GOLD- Phyllis McCabe
SILVER- Michelle Holmstrom
BRONZE- Judy Arnold

Singles Bowling

75+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Hector MacDonald
SILVER- Lenny Van Duinkerken

75+ Ladies’ Scratch
GOLD- Fay Mayhew
SILVER- Norma Morrissey
BRONZE- Rowena Brown

75+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Eric Kelly
SILVER- Foch McNally
BRONZE- Wendall Mill

75+ Ladies’ POA
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Gerri Vessey

65+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Alfie Wakelin
SILVER- Cyril Harper
BRONZE- Lorne Stevenson

65+ Ladies’ Scratch
GOLD- Glenna Harper
SILVER- Debbie Birt

65+ Ladies’ POA
GOLD- Bonnie Fitzgerald
SILVER- Ali Dykens
BRONZE- Ernie Arnold

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