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Day 3 Results

A big thank-you to Vogue Optical and the Department of Health & Wellness for their continued support of this event and to the Town of Stratford for hosting!

Day 3 Results:

Contract Bridge

GOLD- Doreen Rowe & Dagny Rossignol
SILVER- Harry Kielly & Myrna Kielly
BRONZE- Marlene McGowan & Letty Abbott


GOLD- Wilfred Smith
SILVER- George Doughart
BRONZE- Grant Laird

GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Heidi Hitzelberger
BRONZE- Gloria Matheson

GOLD- Heidi Hitzelberger & Richard Hitzelberger
SILVER- Wilfred Smith & Lawson Lea
BRONZE- Richard Myers & Don Steeves


Mixed/Women’s Division
Ebbett 6 tied Bishop 6
Chowan 5 defeated Clarke 3
Craswell 8 defeated Durant 3
Fisher 8 defeated Chowan 1

Gold- Clarke 7 defeated Craswell 5
Bronze- Ebbett 5 defeated Bishop 1

GOLD- Gloria Clarke, Elaine Hughes, Etta Reid, Carlene Peters
SILVER- Barry Craswell, Myrna Craswell, Roy Coffin, Myrna Sanderson
BRONZE- Shelley Ebbett, Bryon Sutcliffe, Wayne Arsenault, Claire Rogers

Men’s Division
McNeil 5 defeated MacDonald 2
Matheson 6 defeated Davis 0
Hope 8 defeated Dunsford 0
Matheson 5 defeated McNeil 3
Gaudin 6 defeated Davis 3

Gold- Hope 6 defeated Matheson 4
Bronze- MacDonald 8 defeated McNeil 0

GOLD- Bill Hope, David Murphy, Peter Murdoch, Phillip McInnis,
SILVER- Paul Matheson, Jim Evans, Douglas Waugh, Ralph Yeo
BRONZE- Peter MacDonald, David Hughes, Rick Sentner, Rollin Andrew


65+ Men’s Division
Summerside 1 v  Charlottetown 5

GOLD- Charlottetown
SILVER- Summerside

70+ Men’s Division
Charlottetown 1 v Summerside 0

GOLD- Charlottetown
SILVER- Summerside
BRONZE- Kings County


Women’s Division
GOLD- Kathleen Angelini & Marilyn Mutch MacRae
SILVER- Cherry Wakeham & Peggy MacKinnon
BRONZE- Kathy Gotell & Pat Powers

Men’s Division
GOLD- Andrew Gallant & Paul Cheverie
SILVER- Paul Marchbank & Nelson MacKinnon
BRONZE- Kenny Peter & Shane MacClure


Men’s 55+ Division
GOLD- Ron Green & David Wall (tied)
BRONZE- Doug Ferguson & Scott MacDonald (tied)

Men’s 70+ Division
GOLD- Barry Bevan
SILVER- Preston Smith
BRONZE- Louis Gauthier

Women’s 55+ Divison
GOLD- Cathy Trainor
SILVER- Lorraine Gauthier & Michelle Shepherd (tied)
BRONZE- Lorraine Wight