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Day 2 Results

Contract Bridge

GOLD- Linda Drake & Linda Murphy
SILVER- Bert Christie & Hester Maciaczyk
BRONZE- Sibyl Cutcliffe & Jack Cutcliffe


GOLD- Ken Molyneaux & Kevin Jenkins
SILVER- Gary Montgomery & Mike Gauthier
BRONZE- Paul Keleher & Hasmah Keleher


Men’s 55+ Division
GOLD- Dave Wall
SILVER- Doug Ferguson
BRONZE- Bill Williams

Women’s 55+ Division
GOLD- Eileen Davis

Men’s 70+ Division
GOLD- Barry Bevan
SILVER- Roy Birt
BRONZE- John Taylor

Women’s 70+ Division
GOLD- Isabel DeRoche
SILVER- Doreen Birt


55+ Division
MacWilliams defeated Craswell
Durant defeated MacDougall
MacWilliams defeated Durant
Clarke defeated Craswell

65+ Division
Dunn defeated McGuigan
Field defeated Fisher
Dunn defeated Chowan
McGuigan defeated Field

Men’s Division
Arsenault defeated Gaudin

GOLD- Paul Arsenault, Frank Weiler, Edgar Coffin, Ron Giggey
SILVER- Julien Gaudin, Leigh Crabbe, Art O’Malley, Shoji Yamamoto


65+ Division
Summerside 11 – Kings County 3
Hunter River 9 – Kings County 1

60+/55+ Division
Summerside 5 – Vanguard 3
Kings County 7 – Vanguard 5
Kings County 4 – Summerside 2

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