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AGM Announcement & Breakdown!

We are excited to announce the date of our AGM! Our Annual General Meeting will be held on September 30th @ 9:30 AM. We would love to see our members there! If you are interested in attending make sure that you fill out THIS INTEREST FORM, so we know to send you the registration form!

Let’s take a little dive into why attending an AGM is important!

Attending Annual General Meetings (AGMs) is important for members for several reasons:

  1. Decision-Making Participation: Members have the opportunity to vote on key issues, including the election of board members, approval of financial statements, and significant organizational changes (if there are any). Their votes can influence the direction and policies of the organization.
  2. Transparency and Accountability: AGMs provide a platform for members to hold the organization’s leadership accountable. They can review financial statements, ask questions about the organization’s performance, and seek clarifications on various matters.
  3. Information Sharing: Members receive updates on the organization’s achievements, challenges, and future plans. This ensures they are well-informed about the organization’s status and strategic direction.
  4. Networking Opportunities: AGMs offer a chance to meet other members, stakeholders, and the leadership team. This can lead to valuable networking opportunities, collaborations, and the exchange of ideas.
  5. Influence and Advocacy: Members can voice their opinions and concerns during AGMs, influencing the organization’s policies and decisions. This is especially important for ensuring that the organization aligns with the members’ interests and values.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: For many organizations, holding an AGM is a legal requirement. Member participation helps ensure that the organization complies with regulatory obligations.
  7. Community Building: AGMs help strengthen the sense of community and belonging among members. They provide a forum for celebrating successes, recognizing contributions, and fostering a shared vision for the future.
  8. Conflict Resolution: AGMs provide a structured environment for addressing and resolving any conflicts or grievances members might have. This helps maintain a healthy and cooperative organizational culture.

By attending AGMs, members can actively contribute to the governance and success of the organization, ensuring their interests are represented and their voices are heard. More informtation about our AGM will be released closer to the AGM date!