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55+Summer Games in West Prince Current Results

Results from Day 2.

5 Pin Bowling

75+ Singles Men

Gold Medal: Louis Gallant

Silver Medal: Nelson Gaudet

Bronze Medal:Austin Gaudet

65+ Singles Men

Gold Medal: Cyril Harper

75+ Singles Women

Gold Medal: Shirley Murphy

Silver Medal: Geri Vessey

Bronze Medal: Eleanor Wareham

65+ Singles Women

Gold Medal: Ali Dykens

Silver Medal Glenna Harper

Bronze Medal: Jean Buote

55+ Singles Women

Gold Medal: Geraldine Gallant


Gold Medal Team: Ron DesRoches, Heather Moore, Donna MacArthur, Lorne Stevenson, Timmy Ellis, Fred Vaerewyck, Stuart MacDonald

5 Pin Bowling


Gold Medal Team: Jean Buote, Ruth Tuplin, Hazel Mackey, Lill Waite, Alma Doucette

Silver Medal Team: Carmen Allain, Shirley Murphy, Nelson Gaudet, Philip Allain

Bronze Medal Team: Austin Gaudet, Eleanor Wareham, Melvin Gallant, Wilcey Thibodeau, Ellie Doucette



Here are the results from the first day of events in West Prince.

Golf  Scramble


Gold Medal Team: Jimmy Buote, Kenny Fraser, Randy Bernard, Jim Macintyre

Silver Medal Team: Mike Sullivan, Peter Heighton, Bob Dickson, John McInnis

Bronze Medal Team: David O’Hanley, Eugene Murphy, Phil MacDougall, Don Coady


Gold Medal Team: Christine Murphy, Arlene Fraser, Paula Buote, Joanne MacDonald

Silver Medal Team: Donna Gavin, Lynn Dorgan, Gail Shea, Sharon Horne

Bronze Medal Team: Ernie Arnold, Glynne Squires, Linda MacEachern, Faye MacLeod


Gold Medal Team: Dan Moulaison, Jan Moulaison, Rob Hunter, Gen Hunter

Silver Medal Team: Linda MacLean, Al MacLean, Lyman Douglas, Norman Douglas

Bronze Medal Team: Darlene Kneebone, Danny Kneebone, Karen Currie, Carl Currie


Men Singles

Gold Medal: Wendell Jewel    62 points, 103 centres

Silver Medal: Don Steeves      60 points, 80 centres

Bronze Medal: Wilfred Smith     59 points, 130 centres

Women Singles

Gold Medal: Magaret Wiggington    53 points, 110 centres

Silver Medal: Flora MacLennan    50 points, 93 centres

Bronze Medal: Gloria Matheson    48 points, 103 centres


Gold Medal Team: Wilfred Smith, Lawson Lea    54 points, 139 centres

Silver Medal Team: Margaret Wiggington, Norma Laird    47 points, 98 centres

Bronze Medal Team: Bloyce Weeks, Hazel MacKenzie    43 points, 115 centres


Gold Medal: Marilyn Sweet    2890 points

Silver Medal: Thelma Sweet    2702 points

Bronze Medal: Eleanor Wareham    2525 points

Floor Shuffleboard

Singles Men

Gold Medal: Ralph Bullard

Silver Medal: Fred Vaerewyck

Bronze Medal: Stward MacDonald

Single Women

Gold Medal: Judy MacDonald

Silver Medal: Doris Herring

Bronze Medal: Isabel Vaerewyck


Gold Medal: Fred Vaerewyck, Doris Herring

Silver Medal: Mary Mravnik, Norma Manneill

Bronze Medal: Ralph Billard, Isabel Vaerewyck

10k  Run

Gold Medal: Jerry Gavin

Silver Medal: Gerard MacNeill

Bronze Medal: Dan MacArthur

Auction 45’s

Gold Medal: Alan Gamble, Wanda Adams

Silver Medal: Wilfred Bain, Phyllis Cheverie

Bronze Medal:Delsie DesRoches, Melvina DesRoches


Gold Medal: Mary Mores, Betty Gaudet

Silver Medal: Jean Gass, Barry Gass

Bronze Medal: Barb DesRoches, Lullian Rodgers

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