Day 4 Results- Updated

It was a another busy day as over 100 seniors took part in the action at the Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games in North Shore!


Auction 45

GOLD- Esther Robinson & Carl Robinson
SILVER- Sadie Weatherbie & Eric Weatherbie
BRONZE- Marie Carragher & Marie Paulin


GOLD- Joyce Simmons & Pauline Cormier
SILVER- Andy Gass & Eric MacArthur
BRONZE- James Gaudet & Adrien Poirier


GOLD- Rick Callaghan
SILVER- Eileen Callaghan
BRONZE- Mary MacLeod


GOLD- Dan McCarthy

GOLD- Marjorie Matthews


Team 65+
GOLD- Allan Somers, Ella Somers, Robert Hill, Leo Kelly, Karen Kelly
SILVER- Ernie Arnold, Glynne Squires, Bernetta Murphy, Joan Larkin, Joan Enman
BRONZE- Ali Dykens, Lennie VanDuinkerken, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Eric Kelly, Gerri Vessey

Team 75+
GOLD- Hector MacDonald, Annie Ravenhill, Dean Ravenhill, Rowena Brown, Alice Chandler
SILVER- Foch McNally, Norma Morrissey, Margaret Wigginton, Fay Mayhew, Wendell Mill

Cycling, Time Trial

GOLD- Sara Deveau
SILVER- Mary MacLeod
BRONZE- Rosemary Vigeant

GOLD- Paul Wright
SILVER- Niklaus Berger
BRONZE- Dan McCarthy


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