55+ Games Curling Draw at Cornwall Curling Club(Revised)

Monday, Feb. 20

8:30 am:

Ice 1  Paul Arsenault vs Tom Dunn

Ice 2  Barry Craswell vs Gordon Matthews

Ice 3  Lorne MacGuigan vs Philip McInnis

Ice 4  Paul Field vs Brian Sutherland

10:15 am

Ice 1  Kimball Blanchard vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 2  Paul Arsenault vs Lorne McGuigan

Ice 3  Paul Durant vs Shelley Ebbett

Ice 4  Dale Cannon vs Tom Dunn

12:30 pm

Ice 1  Vern Chowan vs Gordon Matthews

Ice 2 Barry Craswell vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 3  Diane MacKay vs Shelley Ebbett

Ice 4 Paul Durant vs Brian Sutherland

2:15 pm

Ice 1  Philip McInnis vs Tom Dunn

Ice 2  Vern Chowan vs Kimball Blanchard

Ice 3  Paul Arsenault vs Dale Cannon

Ice 4  Diane MacKay vs Paul Field

Tuesday, Feb 21

8:30 am

Ice 1  Paul Durant vs Diane MacKay

Ice 2  Dale Cannon vs Lorne MacGuigan

Ice 3  Gordon Matthews vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 4  Barry Craswell vs Vern Chowan

10:15 am

Ice 2  Shelley Ebbett vs Paul Field

Ice 3  Gordon Matthews vs Kimball Blanchard

12:30 pm

Ice 1  Dale Cannon vs Philip McInnis

Ice 2  Diane MacKay vs Brian Sutherland

Ice 3  Tom Dunn vs Lorne MacGuigan

Ice 4  Paul Durant vs Paul Field

2:15 pm

Ice 1  Barry Craswell vs Kimball Blanchard

Ice 2  Philip McInnis vs Paul Arsenault

Ice 3  Vern Chowan vs Julien Gaudin

Ice 4  Shelley Ebbett vs Brian Sutherland

Wednesday, Feb 22

8:30 am

Ice 1  Men’s semifinal

Ice 2  Mixed/women’s semifinal

Ice 3 Men’s semifinal

Ice 4  Mixed/women’s semifinal

10:15 am

Ice 1  Mixed/women bronze medal

Ice 2  Men’s gold medal

Ice 3  Mixed/women gold medal

Ice 4  Men’s bronze medal


All games will be 6 ends.

Tie breaking rules will be outlined before your first game.

There will be complimentary coffee/tea and muffins in the morning.

Food service will be available at noon.

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