Day 3 Results


Men’s Division
GOLD- Dan McCarthy
SILVER- Micheal Dumas

Women’s Division
GOLD- Joan Dumas
SILVER- Marjorie Matthews
BRONZE- Vicki Weldin


GOLD- Nadine Moffatt & Christine Darlington
SILVER- Kier Jones & Lowell Watts
BRONZE- Margie Cameron & Glen Cameron

5 Pin Bowling

65+ Team
GOLD- Connie Hill, Robert Hill, Jim McNally, Janet Miller, Ron Fraser
SILVER- Ali Dykens, Robert Cumming, Lennie VanDuinkerken, Margaret Drake, Eric Kelly
BRONZE- Glynne Squires, Ernestine Arnold, Eileen Walsh, Louise Myers, Joan Larkin

75+ Team
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton, Wendall Mill, Norma Morrissey, Alice Chandler, Lynn Kelly

Golf Individual

Women’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Norma Douglas

Women’s 55+ Recreational
GOLD- Shelly Lively
SILVER- Linda MacEachern
BRONZE- Betty Pollard

Men’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Paul MacDonald

Men’s 55+ Recreational
GOLD- Harry Vandenbroek
SILVER- Gary Lively
BRONZE- Joseph Aylward

Women’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Donna Herring

Women’s 65+ Recreational
GOLD- Mary Mantie
SILVER- Elaine Herring
BRONZE- Ernestine Arnold

Men’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Joe Brown
SILVER- Lyman Douglas

Men’s 65+ Recreational
GOLD- Ron Mantie
SILVER- Wendell MacDonald
BRONZE- Peter Heighton

Men’s 75+ Competitive
GOLD- Barry White
SILVER- Joe Spriet

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