Day 2 Results

Duplicate Bridge

GOLD- Brenda Matusiewicz & Joanne Stubbs
SILVER- Doreen Rowe & Natalie Jenkins
BRONZE- Jane Beck & Bloyce Beck


Ladies Singles
GOLD- Margaret MacKinley
SILVER- Norma Laird
BRONZE- Heidi Hitzelberger

Men’s Singles
GOLD- Wilfred Smith
SILVER- Lawson Lea
BRONZE- George Doughart

GOLD- Richard Myers & Don Steeves
SILVER- Wilfred Smith & Lawson Lea
BRONZE- George Doughart & Fred Doughart

Lawn Bowling

GOLD- Foch McNally & Richard Gallant
SILVER- Ernie Stavert & Mel Arsenault
BRONZE- Grant Crockett & Robert Hill

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Elaine Hughes
SILVER- Connie Hill & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Gloria Clarke & Myrna Sanderson


Men’s Division
GOLD- Phillip Connolly & Dan Grant
SILVER- Bennett Tremere & Ron Gamble
BRONZE- Louis Clinton & Mike McIntosh

Women’s Division
GOLD- Judy Squires & Jen Humes
SILVER- Peggy MacKinnon & Pat Bear
BRONZE- Marian Grant & Debye Connolly


GOLD- Isabelle Vaerewyck & Ralph Billard
SILVER- Tony Molloy & Bea Molloy
BRONZE- Stuart MacDonald & Isabelle Slater

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