Day 4 Results


Men’s Division
GOLD- Andy Gallant
SILVER- Paul McGuire

Stick Curling

Pool A
Waite & Marsh 6 points
Craswell & Stratton 26 points
Foley & Pendergast 17 points
Hackett & Hackett 22.5 points
Martin & Pauptit 22 points

Pool B
Collicutt & MacDonald 13 points
E. Stavert & V. Fisher 27 points
Callaghan & Callaghan 23 points
R. Stavert & K. Fisher 8 points
Jay & Maynard 21.5 points

Auction 45

GOLD- Diane Crozier & Blair Crozier
SILVER- Marie Poulin & Marie Carragher
BRONZE- Irma Walsh & Louis Walsh


GOLD-Billy McNally & Shirley Cleveland
SILVER- Kay Profit & Jean Profit
BRONZE- Paula MacPhee & Reg Ferguson

5 Pin Bowling

55+ Team
GOLD- David Ford, Lloyd Bryenton, Carla Vermunt, Leo Gallant, Ralph Newman
SILVER-Bill Blanchard, Ken Squarebriggs, Cathy Blanchard, John Rowe, Doreen Rowe

65+ Team
GOLD- Lloyd Peterson, Yvonne Sonier, Helen Marsh, Donald Pickering, Jeanne MacPhee
SILVER- Gunther Pirch, Lorna Pirch, Ernie Arnold, Victor Clow, Eileen Walsh
BRONZE- Allan Somers, Ella Somers, George Chisholm, Kathy Taylor, Eleanor Holmes

75+ Team
GOLD- Hector MacDonald, Alice Chandler, Rowena Brown, Annie Ravenhill, Dean Ravenhill
SILVER- George MacKay, Aubrey Arsenault, Auldine Arsenault, Marion Profitt, Clair Profitt
BRONZE- Margaret Wigginton, Norma Morrisey, Fay Mayhew, Lynn Kenny, Kendall Mill

For information on participating in the Canada 55+ Games this summer in Brampton, ON:

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