Day 2 Results- Updated

There was a lot of action on day 2 of the 2015 Vogue Optical PEI 55+ Summer Games. Event results were:


Women’s Singles
GOLD- Linda Lea
SILVER- Dixie Vickerson
BRONZE- Marg Wigginton

Men’s Singles
GOLD- Richard Myers
SILVER- Donald Steeves
BRONZE- Lawson Lea

GOLD- Lawson Lea & Wilfred Smith
SILVER- Gloria Matheson & Robert Weeks
BRONZE- Fred Doughart & George Doughart


Men’s 55+ Recreation
GOLD- Joe Aylward
SILVER- George Barrett

Women’s 55+ Recreation
GOLD- Faye MacLeod
SILVER- Cathy MacDougall

Women’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Norma Douglas
SILVER- Dianne Griffin
BRONZE- Betty Pollard

Men’s 65+ Recreation
GOLD- Lorne Stevenson
SILVER- Dean Arnold
BRONZE- Steven Barrett

Women’s 65+ Recreation
GOLD- Glynne Squires
SILVER- Ernie Arnold

Men’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Lyman Douglas
SILVER- Ewen Taylor
BRONZE- Keith Butte

Women’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Marilyn MacCallum
SILVER- Anne Palmer
BRONZE- Gladys King

Men’s 75+ Competitive
GOLD- Joe Spriet


Men’s Division
GOLD- Bennett Tremere & Ron Diamond
SILVER- Karl Hanson & Wayne Bolahood
BRONZE- Louis Clinton & Mike McIntosh

Women’s Division
GOLD- Pat Bear & Catherine Bolahood
SILVER- Bonnie Stewart & Judy Squires
BRONZE- Pix Butte & Jen Hume


GOLD- Doug MacEachern & Chrys Jenkins
SILVER- Ev Gauthier & Barry Gass
BRONZE- Andy Gass & Cecil MacPhail

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