Day 5 Results

Spin Cycling

Men’s 55+ Beginner
GOLD- John Morrison

Men’s 65+ Beginner
GOLD- Charles Easter

Women’s 55+ Competitive
GOLD- Susan Dalziel
SILVER- Paula Birch

Men’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Jan Meulenkamp
SILVER- Rus Melanson

Women’s 65+ Competitive
GOLD- Linda Callard
SILVER- Margaret Collins
BRONZE- Judy MacAllister


GOLD- Michelle Holmstrom
SILVER- Gail Jenkins
BRONZE- Betty Pollard


GOLD- Marilyn MacCallum
SILVER- Peter Roberts
BRONZE- Dianne Griffin

Stick Curling

Mixed Division
GOLD- Bryan Sutherland & Alva Clarey
SILVER- Barry Craswell & Stirling Stratton
BRONZE- Roddy MacLean & Andre Gauthier

Women’s Division
GOLD- Gloria Clarke & Ruth Stavert
SILVER- Etta Reid & Myrna Craswell
BRONZE- Mary Plamondon & Cathy Clarey


75+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Lennie VanDunkirken
SILVER- Ernie Drake

75+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Hector MacDonald
SILVER- Wendell Mill

75+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Lily Parkman
SILVER- Margaret Drake
BRONZE- Lorna Pirch

75+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton
SILVER- Fay Mayhew
BRONZE- Eileen Walsh

65+ Men’s POA
GOLD- Bob Cumming
SILVER- Allan Somers
BRONZE- Gunther Pirch

65+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Alfie Wakelin
SILVER- Michael Palmer
BRONZE- Wilfred King

65+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Ella Somers
SILVER- Rowena Brown
BRONZE- Glynne Squires

65+ Women’s Scratch
GOLD- Eileen Stone
SILVER- Gladys King
BRONZE- Anne Palmer

55+ Men’s Scratch
GOLD- Kevin Wood

55+ Women’s POA
GOLD- Joan Larkin



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