Day 4 Results


GOLD- Rosemary Matthew & Bruce Fitchett
SILVER- Pix Butt & Ernie Coles
BRONZE- Kenny Peters & Pat O’Connor


GOLD- Nora Scales
SILVER- Peter Roberts
BRONZE- Allan Callard

Auction 45

GOLD- Beatrice Doucette & Alberta Gallant
SILVER- Eileen Davis & Archibald Davis
BRONZE- Shirley Hennessey & Patsy Lidstone


GOLD- Shirley Cleveland & Bill McNally
SILVER- Wilfred Watts & George Watts
BRONZE- Andrew Gass & Eric MacArthur


75+ Mixed Team
GOLD- Ethel MacLeod, Shirley Sherren, Barb McIsaac, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Pauline Garnham
SILVER- Wendell Mill, Margaret Wigginton, Lily Parkman, Lynn Kenny, Leo Dowling
BRONZE- Dean Ravenhill, Annie Ravenhill, Rowena Brown, Hector MacDonald, Alice Chandler

65+ Mixed Team
GOLD- Lennie Vanduinkerken, Ali Dykens, Bob Cumming, Margaret Drake, Ernest Drake
SILVER- Lottie Bambrick, Mary Morrison, Eileen Walsh, Elizabeth Weeks, Mary DeCourcey
BRONZE- Lloyd Bryenton, Lorne Stevenson, Carla Vermunt, Ralph Newman, Dave Ford

55+ Mixed Team
GOLD- Carol Connick, Pearl MacEachern, Marjorie MacDonald, Bernie McGregor, Judy Arnold
SILVER- Isabel DeRoche, Bill Williams, Ken Cooke, Archibald Davis, Eileen Davis

Stick Curling

Mixed Division
Callaghan/Callaghan defeated Chowan/Mallard
Chowan/Mallard defeated Crawell/Stratton
Craswell/Stratton defeated Cronin/Gill
Sutherland/Clarey defeated MacDonald/Collicut
Callaghan/Callaghan defeated Cronin/Gill
MacDonald/Collicut defeated Field/Crockett
MacLean/Gauthier defeated Cronin/Gill
Chowan/Mallard defeated Field/Crockett
Craswell/Stratton defeated Field/Crockett
Sutherland/Clarey defeated Craswell/Stratton
MacLean/Gauthier defeated Field/Crockett
Callaghan/Callaghan defeated MacDonald/Collicut
Sutherland/Clarey defeated Cronin/Gill
Chowan/Mallard defeated MacDonald/Collicut
MacLean/Gauthier defeated Field/Crockett
Sutherland/Clarey defeated MacLean/Gauthier

Women’s Division
Batt/England defeated Andrews/Bernard
Clarke/Stavert defeated Doiron/MacRae
Reid/Craswell defeated Andrews/Bernard
Plamondon/Clarey defeated Batt/England
Clarke/Stavert defeated Batt/England
Reid/Craswell defeated Doiron/MacRae
Doiron/MacRae defeated Plamondon/Clarey
Plamondon/Clarey defeated Andrews/Bernard
Reid/Craswell defeated Clarke/Stavert

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