Day 3 Results


Women’s Singles
GOLD- Norma Laird
SILVER- Margaret Wigginton
BRONZE- Alma Nunn

Men’s Singles
GOLD- Robert Weeks
SILVER- Richard Myers
BRONZE- Lawson Lea

GOLD- Jean MacRae & Alma Nunn
SILVER- Irene Bernard & Freeman Simmons
BRONZE- Heidi Hitzelberger & Richard Hitzelberger
4th- Margaret MacKinley & Clifton Jewell

Duplicate Bridge

GOLD- Judith Reilly & Judy Fraser
SILVER (tie)- Fran Handrahan & Eunice Tanton
SILVER (tie)- John Whalen & Ernie Gallant


55+ Division
MacWilliams defeated Clarke
Craswell defeated MacDougall

GOLD- Paul Durant, Joanne Durant, Eugene Murphy, Carol Sweetapple
SILVER- Bob MacWilliams, Myrna Craswell, Myrna Sanderson, Lewis Black
BRONZE- Barry Craswell, Roger DesRoches, Danielle Girard, Helen Smith

65+ Division
Fisher defeated Dunn
McGuigan defeated Chowan

GOLD- Vince Fisher, Karen Fisher, Kimball Blanchard, Eileen Blanchard
SILVER- Tom Dunn, Roddie MacLean, Hanny MacLeod, Miriam MacLean
BRONZE- Paul Field, Bernie Field, Carolyn Crockett, Grant Crockett


65+ Division
Summerside 4 – Hunter River 2

GOLD- Summerside
SILVER- Hunter River

60+ Division
Tignish 5 – Vanguard 3
Vanguard 6 – Tignish 4

GOLD- Vanguard
SILVER- Tignish

50+ Division

Summerside 4 – Kings County 4
Summerside 5 – Kings County 1

GOLD- Summerside
SILVER- Kings County

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