55+ Stratford Winter Games Curling Draw- Monday March 3rd

8:30 AM   

Ice 1  Field vs Thompson

Ice 2  Nicholson  Vs Hardy

Ice 3 MacWilliams  Vs Blanchard

Ice 4  Morrison Vs Arsenault

Ice 5  Chowan Vs Sutherland

10:30 AM        

Ice 2 Gauthier vs Stratton

Ice 3 Matheson Vs Gaudin

12:30 PM     

Ice 1  Sutherland Vs Morrisson

Ice 2  Arsenault Vs Durant

Ice 3 Nicholson V Macwilliams

Ice 4 Hardy V Field

Ice 5 Thompson V Blanchard

2:30 PM     

Ice 4  Gauthier V Matheson

Ice 5 Straton  V Gaudin


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