Day 6 Results- Running, Cycling, & Softball


GOLD- Summerside Lobsters (Keith Fraser, Dean MacArthur, Stephen Stapleton, Jim Jefferies, Jim Evans, Stu Arkwell, Dennis Feaver, Brian Evans, Don Bruce, Brian Simkulet)
SILVER- Covehead Ceebees (Everett Gauthier, Fred Morrison, George Campbell, George Coade, Gerard Connick, John Hughes, Philip Arbing, Alan Andrews, Dhuey Pratt)


Time Trial

55+ Men’s
GOLD- Paul Wright, 33:05
SILVER- Jan Meulenkamp, 35:59
BRONZE- Michael Murrins, 37:56

55+ Women’s
GOLD- Ruth DeLong, 47:59

65+ Men’s
GOLD- Phil Arbing, 55:34

Road Race

55+ Men’s
GOLD- Jan Meulenkamp, 38:12
SILVER- Michael Murrins, 38:21
BRONZE- Dan McCarthy, 40:31

55+ Women’s
GOLD- Wendy Harris, 43:04

65+ Women’s
GOLD- Nora Scales, 56:35


55+ Men’s
GOLD- Dan McCarthy
SILVER- Kevin McCarville

65+ Men’s
GOLD- Paul McGuire
SILVER- Peter Meggs

More photos are coming from Saturday- stay tuned!

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