Day 5 Results- Bowling (Singles), Auction 45, Cribbage, Washer Toss, & Bocce UPDATED

Bowling- Singles


65+ Women’s
GOLD- Eileen Stone

65+ Men’s
GOLD- Lorne Stevenson
SILVER- Cyril Harper
BRONZE- Paul Cormier

75+ Women’s
GOLD- Margaret Wigginton

75+ Men’s
GOLD- Hector MacDonald
SILVER- Larry Donot

Pins Over Average

55+ Women’s
GOLD- Joan Enman
SILVER- Joan Larkin

65+ Men’s
GOLD- Robert Hill
SILVER- Alan Somers
BRONZE- Robert Cumming

65+ Women’s
GOLD- Ella Somers
SILVER- Glenna Harper
BRONZE- Ali Dykens

75+ Men’s
GOLD- Wendell Mill
SILVER- Lennie VanDuinkerken

Washer Toss

GOLD- Gloria Clarke & Ruth Stavert
SILVER- Velda MacKinnon & Alphonse Poirier
BRONZE- Ev White & Ev Gauthier


GOLD- Kathy Clarey & Alva Clarey
SILVER- Gloria Clarke & Elaine Hughes
BRONZE- Ev White & Ruth Stavert

Auction 45s

GOLD- Marina Doiron & Inez Doiron, 825 points
SILVER- Robert Jorgenson & Hilda Jorgenson, 790 points
BRONZE- George Watts & Wilfred Watts, 765 points


GOLD- Lillian Rogers & Joyce McCardle, 30 points
SILVER- Phyllis Quinn Cheverie & Cecil Murl, 33 points
BRONZE- Andy Gass & Barry Gass, 34 points

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