Day 4 Results- Team Bowling, Tennis, Scrabble, and Walking UPDATED


GOLD- Lyall Huggan & Gordon Lawlor, 13 points
SILVER- Bob Gray & John Cormier, 11 points
BRONZE- Paul McKnight & Jack Turner, -1 points


GOLD- Geraldine McConnon
SILVER- Gail Jenkins
BRONZE- Heather Murray

Bowling- Team

GOLD- Carol Connick, Ethel MacLeod, Shirley Sherren, Marjorie MacDonald
SILVER- Bill Williams, Isabel Desroche, Marilyn Lowther, Ken Cook, Archie Davis
BRONZE- Don Arsenault, Eileen Stone, Eva Sulis, Billy MacNally, Jim MacNally

GOLD- Allan Sommers, Ella Sommers, George Chisholm, Glenna Harper, Cyril Harper
SILVER- Ali Dykens, Margaret Drake, Ernie Drake, Lennie VanDuinkerk, Robert Cumming
BRONZE- Hubert McIsaac, Cynthia Burns, Eileen Gallant, George Lee, Leonard McGuigan

GOLD- Margaret Wigginton, Leo Dowling, Wendell Mill, Vera MacLeod, Enid Carter
SILVER- Rowena Brown, Dean Ravenhill, Annie Ravenhill, Alice Chandler, Hector MacDonald


GOLD- Ann Andrews
SILVER- Larry Donot

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