Day 3 results- Contract Bridge & Golf

Contract Bridge

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Ernie Stavert
SILVER- Blanche Vatchen & Judy Warren
BRONZE- Anne Wood & Rose Ellen Ghiz


55+ Men’s Recreational
GOLD- Frank Morrison
SILVER- Blair Crozier
BRONZE- Alban May

55+ Men’s Competitive
GOLD- Don Carroll
SILVER- Ken Kelly
BRONZE- Stafford MacSwain

55+ Women’s Recreational
GOLD- Faye MacLeod
SILVER- Jean MacNeill
BRONZE- Glynne Squires

55+ Women’s Competitive
GOLD- Lorraine MacDonald
SILVER- Wendy MacLeod
BRONZE- Dianne Griffin

65+ Men’s Recreational
GOLD- Wayne Johnston
SILVER- George Power
BRONZE- Harley Harper

65+ Men’s Competitive
GOLD- Paul Saulnier
SILVER- Ewen Taylor
BRONZE- Errol Taylor

65+ Women’s Recreational
GOLD- Ruth Johnston
SILVER- Joan Bellew
BRONZE- Judy Lund

65+ Women’s Competitive
GOLD- Nancy Heaney
SILVER- Marilyn MacCallum

75+ Men’s Recreational
GOLD- Herb MacDougall
SILVER- Chick Morrison
BRONZE- Michael Mokler

75+ Men’s Competitive
GOLD- Ray Jones

75+ Women’s Recreational
GOLD- Sandy Stefansson

75+ Women’s Competitive
GOLD- Margie Jardine

Cycling- Trail Ride

No medals are awarded for the cycling trail ride. However, the PEI 55+ Games Society was pleased to welcome 18 participants to the group ride this year.

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