Day 2 Results- Crokinole, Horseshoes, & Darts


GOLD- Wilfred Smith, 62 points, 108 centres
SILVER- Lawson Le, 55 points, 103 centres
BRONZE- Richard Hitzelberger, 55 points, 74 centres

GOLD- Margaret MacKinley, 52 points, 75 centres
SILVER- Hazel MacKenzie, 50 points, 81 centres
BRONZE- Alma Nunn, 47 points, 81 centres

GOLD- 3-way tie; Lawson Lea & Sterling Jenkins; Alma Steeves & Hazel MacKenzie; Norma Laird & Margaret Wigginton; 48 points, 105 centres
SILVER- George Doughart & David Hunter, 47 points, 98 centres
BRONZE- Wendell Jewell & Freeman Simmons, 45 points, 101 centres


GOLD- Douglas MacEachern & Cecil MacPhail
SILVER- Christine Young & Chrys Jenkins
BRONZE- Everett Gauthier & Bev Richards

Most Ringers- Douglas MacEachern (13)


55+ Men’s
GOLD- Carl Smith, 19 points
SILVER- Rick Bernard, 16 points
BRONZE- David Wall, 15 points

70+ Men’s
GOLD- Preston Smith, 8 points
SILVER- Jim Gaudet, 6 points
BRONZE- Adrian Poirier, 3 points

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