Day 1 Results- UPDATED

It was a beautiful day for a golf tournament today! 100 golfers turned out for the Scramble event and Opening Ceremony on the first day of action at the 2013 Vogue Optical 55+ Summer Games. Lawn bowling and a nature walk also took place today.

Golf Scramble

GOLD- Gordon Ellis, Howard Ellis, Ev Gauthier (62)
SILVER- Bob Fowler, Rick Doiron, Carl Currie, Allan Acorn (63)
BRONZE- John Dunsford, Jack Coyle, Mike Gaudet, Dave McAlduff (64)

GOLD- Anne Singer, Maureen MacLeod, Carol White, Delite Richard (72)
SILVER- Wendy MacLeod, Nancy Heaney, Diana Chandler, Lorraine MacDonald (73)
BRONZE- Marg MacDonald, Joan Hebert, Joan Saulnier, Karen Wood (79)

GOLD- Howard Rodgerson, Coleen Rodgerson, Eileen Blanchard, Kimball Blanchard (64)
SILVER- Dale Sabean, Louise Sabean, Bob MacFarlane, Nancy MacFarlane (65)
BRONZE- Marilyn MacCallum, Jean MacNeill, Frank Morrison, Blair Sinclair (66)

Lawn Bowling

55+ Men’s
GOLD- Foch McNally & Richard Gallant

70+ Men’s
GOLD- Adrien Porier & James Gaudet

55+ Women’s
GOLD- Elaine Hughes & Gloria Large
SILVER- Ruth Stavert & Margaret Wigginton
BRONZE- Alice Chandler & Poppy Humphrey

70+ Women’s
GOLD- Mary MacKenna & Barbara MacLeod
SILVER- Enid Carter & Dot Gillis

55+ Mixed
GOLD- Sterling Stratton & Gail Metcalf
SILVER- Grant Crockett & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Ernie Stavert & Chris Darlington

70+ Mixed
GOLD- Graham Jones & Elizabeth Jones
SILVER- John Dunne & Mary Dunne

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