Day 2 Results- UPDATED

Men’s Hockey

Hunter River 1 – Vanguard 1
East Prince 4 – Hunter River 1
Vanguard 4 – East Prince 2

This division will play again on Wednesday, February 27

Summerside 3 – Cavendish 2
Kings County 3 – Summerside 0
Cavendish 7 – Kings County 0

This division will play again on Thursday, February 28


55+ Men’s
GOLD- Rick Bernard
SILVER- David Wall
BRONZE- Carl Smith

70+ Men’s
GOLD- James Gaudet
SILVER- Preston Smith
BRONZE- Adrien Poirier

55+ Women’s
GOLD- Judy Lamarsh

70+ Women’s
GOLD- Isabel Desroche

Three perfect scores (180) were shot- Carl Smith (2) & Louis Gauthier

The second day of the curling competition also took place on Day 2. It will conclude tomorrow (Wednesday, February 27th) with final draws in the morning, bronze medal games starting at 12:45, and gold medal games starting at 2:30.

Day 3 action includes:
Final curling draws at the Cornwall Curling Club- 8:30am
60+ & 55+ Men’s Hockey at the APM Centre- 8:30am
Crokinole singles at the Kingston Legion- 9:00am
Crokinole doubles at the Kingston Legion- 1:00pm

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