Predicted Time Events

Are you interested in participating in the 55+ Games but not sure if you can keep up with the other competitors? This is a common concern and why many events use a predicted time system.

For predicted time events, each participants predicts how long the event will take them and tells their prediction to the official event timer prior to starting. The top three people who finish closest to their predicted time win the medals. Predicted time events are open divisions (no categories for gender or age).

At the 2013 Winter Games in Cornwall, we will use predicted time for:

Swimming- 100m (4 laps), any stroke, swimmers will get 2 trials and their time will be averaged, (this event will also feature competitive races)

Walking- 2km (not confirmed yet)

Skating- 20 laps

Cross country skiing- 5km, (this event will also feature a competitive 10km race, classic technique)

Snowshoeing- 2-3 km

If you’re are interested in joining in the fun in February, just start keeping an eye on the clock as you participate in your regular physical activities now so you’ll be able to make an accurate prediction on the day of the event.

If you’re still confused, call the PEI 55+ Games Society office at 368-6570 for more details.

Full registration details for the upcoming Games are being finalized and should be available in mid-January.

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