Day 1: Golf and Lawnbowling Results (Updated 8am June 20th)

Here are Day 1 results:

GOLF- 4 Person Best Ball

Women’s Competative (Gold Medal):

Carol White, Maureen MacLeod, Delite Richards, Anne Singer

Mixed Recreational (Gold Medal):

Bob MacFarlane, Nancy MacFarlane, Dale Sabean, Louise Sabean

Men’s Competative (Gold Medal):

Herb MacDougall, Andrew Gallant, Edward Gallant, David Wall

Mixed Competition (Gold Medal):

Reg Boudreau, Ida Reeves, Ruth Johnston, Wayne Johnston

Men’s Recreation:

Mike Mokler, Billy MacPhail, Roy Jones, Roger Hogan


From Left to Right: James Gaudet (Gold medal winner), Foch McNally (event Chair), Adrien Poirier (Gold medal winner), and Ernie Stavert (Board Member)

Mens 55+pairs

Gold – James Gaudet and Adrien Poirier

Mixed pairs 70+

Gold – Barbara MacLeod and Chris Phillis

Mens pairs 70+

Gold – Sterling Stratton and Joe Martell

Silver – Emmett Beagan and Bruce MacCormac

Womens pairs 55+

Gold – Enid Carter and Elaine Hughes

Silver – Myrna Sanderson and Myrna Craswell

Bronze – Ruth Stavert and Chris Darlington

55+ mixed pairs

Gold – Richard Gallant and Judy Gallant

Silver – Foch Mc Nally and Treva McNally

Bronze – Ernie Stavert and Gloria Large

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