Day 4 Results


55+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- Joanne Clow, Phil Simmons, Richard Gallant, Dave McNally, Foch McNally (2585 points)
SILVER- Vernon Cheverie, Bernetia Murphy, Lorne Stevenson ( 2152 point)

65+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- George MacKay, Themlsa Campbell, Clair Profitt, Pickering Cummings (2410 points)
SILVER- Eileen Stone, Don Arsenault, Eva Sulis, Ken McNally (2278 points)
BRONZE- Dean Arnold, Ethel MacLeod, Carol Connick, Judy Arnold (2193 points)

75+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- Enid Carter, Ernest Drake, Margaret Wigginton, Lilly Parkman, Wendall Mill (2360 points)


GOLD- Duncan McKillop & Dan MacLean
SILVER- Maria Bernard & Linda MacLean
BRONZE- Elizabeth and Rod Aitken


GOLD- Glynne Squires (1 sec)
SILVER- John DesRoches (23 sec)
BRONZE- Victor Greenwood (24 sec)


GOLD- Clifford Picketts & Verna Wood (835 pts)
SILVER- Shirley Hennessy & Patsy Lidstone (820 pts)
BRONZE- (TIE) Marie Sanderson & Phyllis Duncan / Louise Nolan & Margaret MacAdam (770 pts)


Recreation (5Km)

GOLD- Marilyn MacLean (100.5 min)
SILVER- Geraldine Stewart (101.5 min)

Competitive (10Km)


Men’s Hockey

60+ Division (Day 2 of Double Round Robin)

Hunter River 5 Vanguard 3
East Prince 5 Hunter River 3
East Prince 4 Vanguard 1

GOLD- East Prince
SILVER- Vanguard
BRONZE- Hunter River

65+ Division (Day 1 of double round robin)

Cavendish Maples 3 Summerside 0
Kings County 4 Summerside 4
Kings County 7 Cavendish Maples 0


GOLD- Wayne Scott & Victor Greenwood
SILVER- Norma Weeks & Junior Matheson
BRONZE- Eva Perry & Nancy Heaney


55+ Mixed Team

GOLD- Bob MacWilliam, Myrna Sanderson, Jim Farquharson, Ruth Stavert (Cornwall)
SILVER- Eldon Kilbride, Laurie McCabe, Roger Elliot, Ann Elliot (Silver Fox)
BRONZE- Paul Duran, Dawn MacFadyen, Ted MacFadyen, Joanne Durant (Charlottetown)

65+ Mixed Team

GOLD- Leslie Hardy, Shirley Murphy, Walter Callaghan, Audrey Callaghan (Alberton)
SILVER- Fred Fall, Evelyn Rogerson, Walter Andrews, Louise Andrews (Crapaud)
BRONZE- William Nicholson, Fairlie Wallace, Merrill Cronin, Adele Jardine (Cornwall)

55+ Men’s

GOLD- Don Duffenais, Ralph Yeo, Alan Montgomery, Jim Evans (Silver Fox)
SILVER- Tom Dunn, Dave Hunt, Frank Weiler, Bev Richards (Charlottetown)

65+ Men’s

GOLD- Roddie MacLean, Edgar Coffin, Paul Arsenault, Myron MacKay (Cornwall)
SILVER- Bob Maynard, Harry Williams, Bruce Montgomery, Spike Martin (Silver Fox)

Tomorrow’s action will include:

5 Pin Bowling- singles, 9:00am at CUP
Scrabble- 9:00am at CUP
Duplicate Bridge- 9:30am at St. Eleanor’s Community Centre
Walking- predicted step, 10:00am at CUP
Health & Wellness Expo- 12:00pm-3:00pm at CUP, open to the public
Celebration Dinner & Ceremony- 3:00pm at CUP


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