Day 2 Postponement UPDATE

The 55+ Mixed Pool curling draw between Holmes & Kilbride will go ahead as planned this afternoon at 1pm at the Silver Fox.

The revised men’s hockey schedule is:

Wednesday, February 28th
(all games on Eastlink Arena)

8:45 Hunter River vs East Prince (60+)
10:00 Tignish vs North River (55+)
11:15 Vanguard vs Hunter River (60+)
12:30 Summerside vs Tignish (55+)
1:45 Vanguard vs East Prince (60+)
3:00 Summerside vs North River (55+)

Thursday, March 1st

No Changes

Friday, March 2nd
(all games on the Ice Pad)

8:30 Summerside vs Cavendish Maples (65+)
10:30 Summerside vs Kings County (65+)
12:30 Cavendish Maples vs Kings County (65+)

Day 2 of the Stick Curling competition is postponed to Monday, March 5th.
Medal presentations will take place at approximately 2pm on Monday.

A decision regarding the darts competition will be made later this afternoon but is currently still planned to go ahead at 7pm this evening.

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