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West Prince 9 vs. Charlottetown 2

Ice Crystals 2 vs. Charlottetown 0

West Prince 5 vs. Ice Crystals 0


GOLD- West Prince

SILVER- Ice Crystals

BRONZE- Charlottetown



55+ Hockey

Tignish 4 vs. North River 2

Tignish 3 vs. Summerside 2

Summerside 5 vs. North River 2

GOLD- Summerside

SILVER- Tignish

BRONZE- North River

East Prince 4 vs. VanGuard 1

GOLD- East Prince

SILVER- VanGuard

BRONZE- Hunter River

65+ Hockey

Summerside 3 vs. Cavendish 1

Summerside 5 vs. Kings County 1

Cavendish 9 vs. Kings County 0

GOLD- Cavendish

SILVER- Summerside

BRONZE- Kings County


60+ Hockey

Hunter River 5 vs. VanGuard 3

East Prince 5 vs. Hunter River 3


GOLD- Doug Fergusson (13 pts)

SILVER- David Wall (10 pts)

BRONZE- Wayne Scott (4 pts)


GOLD- Stew Arkwell (8 pts)

SILVER- James Gaudet (5 pts)

BRONZE- Adrian Poirier (4 pts)

Men’s 55+ 50m Breaststroke

GOLD- Reg Murphy, 59.26

Men’s 55+ 50m Freestyle

GOLD- Reg Murphy, 45.76

Men’s 55+ 100m Breaststroke

GOLD- Reg Murphy, 2.14.18

Men’s 70+ 50m Breaststroke

GOLD- Ken Williams, 58.09

Men’s 70+ 50m Freestyle

GOLD- Ken Williams, 44.47

Men’s 70+ 100m Individual Medley

GOLD- Ken Williams, 2.00.47

Women’s 55+ 50m Backstroke

GOLD- Susan Dunphy, 1.13.98

Women’s 55+ 100m Backstroke

GOLD- Karen Thompson-Bell, 1.54.09

Women’s 55+ 100m Freestyle

GOLD- Karen Thompson-Bell, 1.32.04

SILVER- Susan Dunphy, 2.15.67

Women’s 70+ 50m Backstroke

GOLD- Ann Andrews, 1.26.05

Women’s 70+ 50m Breaststroke

GOLD- Ann Andrews, 119.63

Women’s 70+ 100m Breaststroke

GOLD- Ann Andrews, 3.04.17

Women’s 55+ 50 Freestyle

GOLD- Karen Thompson-Bell, 42.82

SILVER- Susan Dunphy, 59.06

GOLD- Lawson Lea (65 pts, 86 centers)

SILVER- Fred Doughart (65 pts, 78 centers)

BRONZE- Don Steeves (61 pts, 75 centers)

4TH- Blois Weeks (60 pts, 65 centers)

5TH- Robert Weeks (57 pts, 77 centers)


Wilfred Smith (92 centers)


Margaret Wigginton (55 pts, 84 centers)

GOLD- George & Fred Doughart (56 pts, 121 centers)

SILVER- Blois Weeks & Wendell Jewell (54 pts, 129 centers)

BRONZE- Grant Laird & Dixie Vickerson (52 pts, 94 centers)

4TH – Don Steeves & Sydney Myers (50 pts, 117 centers)

5TH- Benson Graham & Wilfred Smith (49 pts, 130 centers)

55+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- Joanne Clow, Phillipa Simmons, Richard Gallant, Dave McNally, Foch McNally (2585 pts)

SILVER- Vernon Cheverie, Bernetta Murphy, Lorne Stevenson (2152 pts)

65+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- George MacKay, Thelma Campbell, Clair Profitt, Donald Pickering, Caryl Cummings (2410 pts)

SILVER- Eileen Stone, Don Arsenault, Eva Sulis, Ken McNally (2278 pts)

BRONZE- Dean Arnold, Ethel MacLeod, Carol Connick, Judy Arnold (2193 pts)

75+ Mixed Teams

GOLD- Enid Carter, Ernest Drake, Margaret Wigginton, Lilly Parkman, Wendell Mill (2360 pts)

GOLD- Duncan McKillop & Dan MacLean (5200+ pts)

SILVER- Maria Bernard & Linda MacLean

BRONZE- Elizabeth and Rod Aitken

4th – Louise & Ensor Waite

5th- Priscilla Strongman & Hazel Hughes

GOLD- Glynne Squires (1 sec)

SILVER- John DesRoches (23 sec)

BRONZE- Victor Greenwood (24 sec)

4th- Ruth Stavert (30-50 sec)

5th- Lorna Bernard (58 sec)

6th- Douglas MacEachern (104 sec)

GOLD- Clifford Picketts & Vera Wood (835 pts)

SILVER- Shirley Hennessy & Patsy Lidstone (820 pts)

BRONZE- (TIE) Marie Sanderson & Phyllis Duncan (770 pts) / Louise Nolan & Margaret MacAdam (770 pts)

GOLD- Marilyn MacLean (100.5 min)

SILVER- Geraldine Stewart (101.5 min)

GOLD- Wendy Harris (80.5 MIN)

GOLD- Bob MacWilliam, Myrna Sanderson, Jim Farquharson, Ruth Stavert (Cornwall)

SILVER- Eldon Kilbride, Laurie McCabe, Roger Elliot, Ann Elliot (Silver Fox)

BRONZE- Paul Durant, Dawn MacFadyen, Ted MacFadyen, Joanne Durant (Charlottetown)

4TH – John Holmes, Georgie Coulson, Steve Bent, Jeanne Duffenais (Silver Fox)

GOLD- Leslie Hardy, Shirley Murphy, Walter Callaghan, Audrey Callaghan (Alberton)

SILVER- Fred Fall, Evelyn Rogerson, Walter Andrews, Louise Andrews (Crapaud)

BRONZE- William Nicholson, Fairlie Wallace, Merrill Cronin, Adele Jardine (Cornwall)

GOLD- Don Duffenais, Ralph Yeo, Alan Montgomery, Jim Evans (Silver Fox)

SILVER- Tom Dunn, Dave Hunt, Frank Weiler, Bev Richards (Charlottetown)

GOLD- Roddie MacLean, Edgar Coffin, Paul Arsenault, Myron MacKay (Cornwall)

SILVER- Bob Maynard, Harry Williams, Bruce Montgomery, Spike Martin (Silver Fox)

GOLD- Michelle Holmstrom (271 pts, 3 wins)

SILVER- Gail Jenkins (145 pts, 3 wins)

BRONZE- Linda Pierce (144 pts, 3 wins)


Marie Bernard (2 bingos, 158 pts, 2 wins/1 lose)


GOLD- Vernon Cheverie (514 pts)


GOLD- Eva Sulis (519 pts)

SILVER- George Chisholm (706 pts)

BRONZE- Ellen Somers (437 pts)

75 +

GOLD- Lennie Van Duinkerken (492 pts)


GOLD- Lorne Stevenson (642 pts)

65+ (MEN’S)

GOLD- Alfie Wakelin (651 pts)

SILVER- Robert Cumming (333 pts)

65+ (WOMEN’S)

GOLD- Ali Dykens (388 pts)


GOLD- Margaret Wigginton (508 pts)

SILVER- Lilly Parkman (343 pts)

BRONZE- Joan Creelman (292 pts)

GOLD- Nigel Robinson & William Ramsay (97.71 pts)

SILVER- Carol Mann & Louise Waite (95.65 pts)

BRONZE- Ernie Stavert & Gloria Clarke (94.53 pts)

4TH – Tom Mahoney & Rev. Art Pendergast (93.83 pts)

5TH- Eloise MacDonald & Phyllis Wedge (93.64 pts)


GOLD- Richard Karis

SILVER- Wilbert DesRoches

BRONZE- Wayne Poirier


GOLD- Roddie MacLean

SILVER- Kent Simpson

GOLD- Arthur Pendergast / Peter Larter (Western Curling Club, Alberton)

SILVER- Ruth Stavert / Gloria Clarke (Cornwall Curling Club)

BRONZE- Sterling Higginbotham / Basil Higginbotham (Montague Curling Club)

Bronze Runner Up- Walter Callaghan / Aubrey Callaghan (Western Curling Club)

GOLD- Linda MacKay

GOLD- Barbara DesRoches

GOLD- Bertha Tuplin

GOLD- Nancy Marchbank

GOLD- Victor Greenwood

GOLD- Marilyn MacCallum

GOLD- Roy Cornish

GOLD- Anna Cornish

GOLD- Lillian Carson

GOLD- Eric Arsenault

GOLD- Diane Ahern

GOLD- Myrna MacEwen

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